German television's mass deception
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German television's mass deception

The account below by Pierre Gosselin analyses how German public television broadcaster ZDF perpetrates the deception of the world leaders in their pretend Charlie Hebdo march. As you watch the video, key elements of the deception are translated below.

By P Gosselin on 17. January 2015

Never the trust the media, let alone political leaders.

When they tell us global warming is real while sea ice at the poles is at normal levels and snow is falling in Jacksonville, Florida and in the Arabian desert, should we believe them?

Probably not – especially when one looks closely at the climate data. And certainly not at all when one looks at how they report the news on how world leaders “bravely” demonstrated in Paris “alongside” more than a million people in response to the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack.

Most readers by now are aware of the STAGED photos and images of the 50 or so world leaders standing and “marching united with” the more than one million demonstrators in Paris last Sunday. In reality it was all staged to deceive television viewers all over the world.

Charlie Hebdo demo

World leaders stage their Paris, Charlie Hebdo, demonstration.

German Television’s mass deception

Now someone has just put up a montage of various news clips from some German public television news networks, showing how they used the stagecraft to deceive viewers into thinking our leaders were bravely demonstrating at the front row against terrorism in the Paris march of last Sunday.

At the 0:40 mark the video informs the viewers up ahead of the deception the media used:

    Observe the targeted deception of the viewers through the use of camera angles, sound clips (the side streets were dead quiet) and the audacious lies of the news anchors and correspondents”.

What follows are some examples I’ve translated in English.

At the 0:55 mark Germany’s ZDF describes how more than a million people demonstrated in Paris to “send a clear signal of unity and to march for freedom of expression, tolerance and against terror”.

At the 1:12 mark, the ZDF anchor tells its millions of viewers:

    And among them, arm-in-arm, the leaders and countries from all over the world.”

The reality is that these world leaders were in fact too afraid to appear “arm-in-arm, should-to-shoulder” with the masses. In effect they actually demonstrated their capitulation to terrorism, admitting the terror worked and that they are now too afraid to appear with the public. Congratulations terrorists, your aim has been achieved – at least among our leaders. Obviously real courage is something only for the masses.

At the 1:32 mark the ZDF switches to a correspondent “on location”, and shows how the world leaders seem to be marching along with the one million-plus demonstrators.

At the 1:34 mark the correspondent reports on the leaders:

    These here are also demonstrators. More than 50 government leaders and high officials from all over the world march together.”

Looking at the video image, one sees Angela Merkel and others even seemingly waving at people. The sad truth is that it was all an act.

At the 2:00 mark, the same ZDF correspondent describes:

    The world’s political elite on the street, side-by-side, with the people.”

Sorry, but they weren’t “with the people”. It’s just the media willfully disseminating organized deception to millions of viewers all over Europe and the world.

Later in the video a ZDF Special Report shows more of the same: brave world leaders marching hand-in-hand with the people, “to send a signal against terrorism“.

At the 2:52 mark there are more images deceiving the viewers into thinking the world leaders were marching with the people. Even Bibbi Netanyahu is getting in on the act. The deception continues at the 3:38 mark…courageous leaders seemingly risking their lives to demonstrate in unity in public with their people.

Truth: leaders were cowering behind the demonstrators

The aspect that annoys me in particular is that these leaders found the situation to be too dangerous, yet had no qualms about letting the more than a million and half demonstrators put their lives at risk on the street. Bravery for you, but not for me.

The truth is that the world leaders, by staging in an empty highly secured street, were in effect cowering in the last rows behind the demonstrators, and not bravely leading them in the front row as we were misled to believe.

At the 4:30 mark the video shows how Germany’s flagship ARD Television also uses the same mass deception, the news anchor announces:

    More than 40 world leaders participated in the march.”

At the 6:40 mark the ARD in a special report again showed “world leaders marching with the people“.

At the 7:51 mark viewers see world leaders in the “front row”, seemingly bravely leading the million-plus person march. Here we notice audio of people cheering and demonstrating in the background, when in reality the footage was recorded on a secluded street where the side streets were completely empty and silent!

At the 8-minute mark the correspondent reports the names of the important figures present in the front row: Merkel, Hollande, Netanyahu and Abbas.

At the 8:06 mark the correspondent declares that it’s:

    “A front row who are declaring: ‘We will not be intimidated!'”

These are the very people who send our sons and daughters to the battlefield.

At the 9:08 mark yet another ZDF report shows world leaders marching with the people, labeling them at the 9:20 mark: “Politicians as demonstrators.”

The topping on the cake comes at the 10:00 mark, where the ZDF correspondent even asks:

    When was there ever a time where government leaders, or leaders of 50 nations, have come onto the streets as demonstrators, over a kilometer-long stretch that was not even completely safe? That was something particularly special.”

The mainstream media cannot be trusted. Little wonder that demonstrators in Germany refer to them as the “Liar Press”. I guess we should sarcastically start calling them “the Truth Press”.



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