EXPOSED! World’s largest Islamic charity a front for terrorism
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EXPOSED! World’s largest Islamic charity a front for terrorism

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Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) was in November 2014 designated a terrorist group by the UAE (United Arab Emirates), the second Middle Eastern country to do so. In June 2014, Israel declared IRW a financial conduit to Hamas, and it was banned from Israel and the West Bank.

The British-based IRW is the largest international Islamic charity in the world with a $250 million operating budget.  It has over 280 employees and is active in more than 45 countries including “Islamic Relief Australia” run out of Lakemba, NSW. 

IRW also maintains many Islamic affiliate charities throughout the world, each with multi-million dollar operating budgets, The largest Islamic charity in north America is “Islamic Relief  USA” whose CEO is Abed Ayoub.

Islamic Relief Australia
Habib Malik
Habib Malik, CEO of Islamic Relief Australia. A Scottish Islamist? Habib Malik was previously CEO of Islamic Relief Scotland, where in accordance with the Islamic principle of dawa (advancement by stealth) he paraded around in Scottish gear, including kilts.

IRW’s Gaza “coordinators” were discovered to have been supplying funds to Hamas since 2005. It employs “executives” who are closely connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and it also employs people they refer to as “personnel” who were found to be actively funding Hezbollah.

Funds from a drug distribution network discovered in Western Australia and the $2.5 trillion world-wide halal certification extortion racket find their way via an array of charity fronts to terrorist organisations in the Middle East and back to terrorist sleeper cells in the West.

IRW accepted a $50,000 check from Osama Bin Laden in 1999, had a Gaza program coordinator who aided Hamas from 2005-06, received over £60K from an Al Qaeda front group from 2003-08, has leaders who are closely aligned with the global Muslim Brotherhood, and had programs staffed by Hamas personnel in the Palestinian territories as recently as this year.  Supporters of IRW have noted that the UK’s charitable regulator has not confirmed the evidence against IRW; however, a 2013 audit found that the Charity Commission is understaffed, too passive in its investigations, and is generally unfit for its regulatory duties.

Dozens of smaller Islamic “charity” front companies also operate on a tax-free basis in Australia with funds, undetected by Austrac, shifting between sham “charities” to disguise their source and obfuscate their terminus.

Clever promotion with pics of homeless kids have so far kept authorities at bay.

Canada detected the scam and has stamped the practice out but the racket still operates unchallenged in Europe, the USA and Australia where authorities have been extremely slow to act.

UAE calls 15 Muslim groups in the West “terrorists”

In addition to the IRW designation, the UAE named 15 other Islamic charities and advocacy groups in the U.S. and Europe as terrorist entities:

  • Islamic Relief UK (the British affiliate of IRW)
  • Muslim Association of Britain (part of the U.K. Muslim Brotherhood)
  • Cordoba Foundation in Britain (once described by David Cameron as a Muslim Brotherhood front group)
  • Council on American-Islamic Relations (the self-described civil rights group which was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas-financing trial)
  • Muslim American Society (which was created by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood)
  • Union of Islamic Organizations of France (a French Muslim group tied to the Muslim Brotherhood that profits from halal certification)
  • Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (an alliance financed by Gulf sources with ties to Hamas)
  • Islamische Gemeinschaft in Deutschland (the “main representative” of the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany)
  • Associazione Musulmani Italiani (Italian Muslim Association)
  • League of Muslims in Belgium (La Ligue des Musulmans de Belgique)
  • Muslim Association of Sweden (Sveriges muslimska förbund)
  • Islamic Society in Denmark (Islamsk Trossamfund)
  • Islamic Council Norway (Islamsk Rad Norge)
  • Finnish Islamic Association (Suomen Islam-seurakunta)
  • CANVAS in Belgrade, Serbia

It seems the West is unknowingly financing its own destruction to the tune of trillions.


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