Pauline Hanson: Australian media a threat to democracy
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Pauline Hanson: Australian media a threat to democracy

Martin Lehmann - 1 February 2001

One million Australian voters were dis-enfranchised at the last Federal election due to blatant media interference in the democratic process.

The One Nation party received one million votes but did not get one member elected in the House of Representatives. 

With the looming WA state election, the media has again demonstrated its dangerous control over the political process by threatening retaliation against any political party daring to do a preference swap with One Nation.

How did such an undemocratic situation occur?

When the power elites, comprising the two major political parties and the media barons, realised the One Nation party could pose a threat to their cosy oligarchy they set out to destroy the party and its leader, Pauline Hanson. The Murdoch press led the charge. In a disgraceful display it vilified Pauline Hanson at every turn. Other media outlets and journalists followed blindly along.

The gutless Prime Minister, frightened by the media bombardment, ordered all Liberal candidates to place One Nation candidates last on how-to-vote cards. The result - one million electors lost their vote.

In the state election due on February 10, WA Premier Richard Court, entered into negotiations with One Nation to swap preferences. Immediately the media began to make threatening noises. Again the Prime Minister ordered WA Liberals to put One Nation candidates last.

However, you can control your preferences regardless of preference swapping arrangements between the parties. Avoid the "tick-a-box" method of voting. You are just giving your vote to the political party to distribute according to their wishes. Your vote could end up going to an unintended recipient. 

You can put yourself in control by numbering every box in order of your preference.


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