Welfarism and national debt
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Welfarism and national debt

Gina Rinehart hits out at welfare recipients and the Left for dragging Australia into debt

MINING billionaire Gina Rinehart has criticised welfare recipients for dragging the country into debt and attacked the political left for spending the “bottomless pit” of revenue generated from mining taxes and royalties. “We are living beyond our means,” Ms Rinehart, worth an estimated $19.89 billion, wrote in an opinion article. “This ‘Age of Entitlement’ and its consequences is creating problems for all of us, our children and our ...

The great international governmental Ponzi scheme

These timely,important words from respected Australian banker and economist, Maurice Newman, should serve as an urgent wake-up call to both politicians and the voting public. IN a bright start to the new year we are reading that the global economic outlook is improving. Setbacks are transitory. The fiscal cliff is ...