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The Myth That the US Leads the World in Mass Shootings

This article by Jon Miltimore originally was originaly published on

gun control

To understand the misleading narrative, we must look to the era of narrative-driven journalism and the politicization of society, both of which subjugate truth to ideology and politics.

If you asked me this morning which nation has the most mass shootings in the world, I would have said, with perhaps a flicker of hesitation, the United States.

This is a tad embarrassing to admit because I’m pretty familiar with shooting statistics, having written several articles on gun violence and the Second Amendment.


Australia Day controversy – victimology rant from a pseudo-Aboriginal

One of Channel Nine’s new hosts on its Today show sparked a national furore by linking Australia Day to Aboriginal imprisonment rate and rape.

Brooke Boney

Brooke Boney, a mixed-race person, more white than black, weighed into the left-wing move to change the date of Australia Day by declaring:

“I can’t separate the 26th January from the fact my brothers are more likely to go to jail than they are to go to school or that my little sisters and my mum are more likely to be beaten and raped than anyone else’s sisters or mum”.

“And  that started from that day, so for me it’s a difficult day and I don’t want to celebrate it,” she said.

“January 26”, she said, “marked the beginning of what some people would say is the end for indigenous people”.

Boney is the latest in a string of people of mainly European descent to claim Aboriginal status for the benefits it confers.


Rape of babies, brain-damaged petrol sniffers, Aboriginal genocide - the result of political correctness

The public, media and law enforcement authorities are at last awakening to the magnitude of the catastrophic destruction of Aboriginal society in Australia.

There are almost daily reports in the media of baby rape, such as the case of Gerhadt Max Inkamala, 21, who took his sleeping seven-month-old cousin from a bedroom and raped her near Alice Springs. The girl's injuries were so horrific that they could have been fatal due to the amount of blood lost. She required surgery. 

ThBaby rape victimis Aboriginal toddler (pictured) was just 17 months old when she was taken from her Cape York community in the middle of the night and brutally raped by an Aboriginal man, Ronderson Coglan. The little girl required internal stiches and a colostomy bag and will never be able to have children of her own.


Are we witnessing Aboriginal genocide in Australia?

Australian News Commentary has produced many articles over the years highlighting the dire plight of Aboriginal Australia. 

Four decades of anti-white, blame propaganda trumpeted by the black aristocracy, academics and media have imbued many Aboriginals with feelings ranging from self-pity, resentment and  anger, to a deep hatred of white society and white people.

The hatred manifests itself in the savage attacks on white people by ...


Aboriginal hatred of white people

They do "welcome to country" ceremonies or dance for the Governor General. They preach for reconciliation or against cruelty. But to Jacinta Price they show complete savagery and misogyny  - threats, wishes for her death and rape fantasies so vile that I cannot repeat them. Why do some of these men still get government jobs? Here are some.

Aboriginal politician Jacinta Price wrote a piece for the Daily Telegraph defending Australia Day.

Bill Nicholson works for the Wurundjeri Tribe Land and Compensation Cultural Heritage Council and is hired by government departments and agencies to do welcome to country ceremonies. In response, he wrote this:

Given this violent rhetoric against a woman, will Victoria's Minister for Women, Natalie Hutchins, ensure that Nicholson is no longer used at any government-funded ceremony to promote "reconciliation"?


Racist murder - white father of five bashed to death on Christmas day by Aboriginal mob

Elizabeth Krantz - 3 January 2008

Bill RoweIn a situation reminiscent of the racist murder of Andrew Farrugia, and the racist murder of Leon Robinson, a 49-year-old father of five was enjoying a game of beach cricket with his family at the  coastal town of Geraldton 425 km north of Perth in Western Australia when he was attacked by a large group of Aboriginals and bashed to death with his own cricket bat.

Bill Rowe (pictured), a well-known and respected farmer from the small farming community of Yalgoo, two hour's drive east of  Geraldton was enjoying a game of beach cricket with his family at Geraldton's Sunset Beach late in the afternoon on Christmas Day when  a group of Aboriginals spoiling for a fight with white people arrived and began harassing the family groups, rummaging through eskies and stealing alcohol. Intimidated, some families packed up and left. 

The police began to receive phone calls from family groups reporting the disturbances, thievery and intimidation. 

The mob turned their attention to the Rowe family, who believing they had safety in numbers, told the group of about five Aboriginals to stop taking drinks out of their esky. 

The gutless thugs left but returned a short time later with about 20 others and attacked the Rowe family with bottles, rocks and sticks. Rowe family members again urgently phoned the police.

When Bill Rowe's future son-in-law, Luke Neil, 29, told them to get out his esky, he was viciously attacked. Mr Neil's face needed 35 stitches after it was slashed with a broken beer bottle. The attack  also left him with a broken jaw and broken collarbone. 


Irish-Aboriginal Mick Dodson warns of Aboriginal war against white Australia

‘Unsatisfied anger’ could become armed struggle, says Mick Dodson

Aboriginal activist Mick Dodson
Aboriginal activist Mick Dodson

Simmering anger in indigenous Australia over a failure to make good for past wrongs could easily turn into organised armed resistance, Aboriginal academic Michael James “Mick” Dodson has warned.



The War Against Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson arrested

Tommy Robinson arrested outside Leeds Crown Court while live streaming and jailed the same day without trial

The rule of law is fragile, and relies on the self-restraint of the majority. In a just society, the majority obey the law because they believe it represents universal values—moral absolutes. They obey the law not for fear of punishment, but for fear of the self-contempt that comes from doing wrong.

As children, we are told that the law is objective, fair and moral. As we grow up, though, it becomes increasingly impossible to avoid the feeling that the actual law has little to do with the Platonic stories we were told as children. We begin to suspect that the law may in fact—or at least at times—be a coercive mechanism designed to protect the powerful, appease the aggressive, and bully the vulnerable.

The arrest of Tommy Robinson is a hammer-blow to the fragile base of people’s respect for British law. The reality that he could be grabbed off the street and thrown into a dangerous jail—in a matter of hours—is deeply shocking.


Western Civilization Under Siege

Important new book from Kenneth Schultz

Book cover

Under the sub-heading, The Assault on the Western Mind is a montage of faces representing what the author considers to be eight of the most critical players in reshaping and undermining the culture and philosophy of Western civilization. Who are they?

This book takes a wide-ranging look at the multitude of threats facing the West and Western civilization. In the author's firm belief the majority of these threats are exacerbated by what he calls the assault on the Western mind, the sub-title of the book.

You can download a free pdf copy of the book here.


American culture under threat from the enemies within

Nonie Darwish lived the first thirty years of her life under sharia law in Egypt, before moving to America in 1978. She appreciated her new-found freedom after living as a virtual slave in Egypt.

However, she has become alarmed at where American culture is heading. Her article below, which appeared on the Gatestone website, gives an alarming view of the war on white Americans.

Nonie Darwish

Several generations of Americans seem to have been brought up on the false premise that if someone loves this country, its liberties, its culture and its way of life or God, they must be "racist." If they are white and not Democrats, the assumption goes, they must be "racist." As the majority of the population of America happens to be white, whites are supposedly the face of America: "racists" holding on to their guns and Bibles and depriving the rest of the country of a socialist Utopia.


Press Release: North Korea's super EMP nuclear weapon could bring America to its knees

Press release from

Kim Jong-un


Monday, August 14th, 2017 - Kenneth Schultz


Author claims authorities hiding truth about potential North Korea apocalyptic nuclear attack

Perth-based author and researcher, Kenneth Schultz claims U.S. and Australian authorities are hiding the truth about the catastrophic consequences of North Korea unleashing a super weapon believed to already be in its arsenal - a nuclear warhead utilising EMP (electromagnetic pulse) technology, an event that could result in up to 200 million American deaths, according to expert testimony before a 2004 U.S. Senate Commission.

All nuclear explosions release deadly gamma radiation, but nuclear warheads optimised for EMP release excessively large amounts of this radiation, says Mr Schultz.


New book: The Decline and Imminent Fall of the West

In his important new book, The Decline and Imminent Fall of the West, Kenneth Schultz exposes the existential threats to Western nations, and indeed Western civilization. He starts by quoting Mark Steyn, "Much of what we loosely call the Western world will not survive the twenty-first century and much of it will effectively disappear within our lifetimes, including many if not most European countries".

Book cover

While Mr Steyn is concerned mainly with the Islamist threat, this book is unique in that it covers the multitude of threats facing the West and Western civilisation.


Radical feminists’ relentless war on white males

The following article is an excerpt from the forthcoming book by Kenneth  Schultz, The  Decline and Imminent Fall of the West. In this article:

  • Government agencies only for women
  • BBC Performer sacked for being 'white and male'
  • The domestic violence industry demonises men
  • The truth about domestic violence statistics
  • Feminists firm grip on Prime Ministser Turnbull's testicles

Testicle cartoon

Decades of a virulent anti-male narrative by radical feminists has resulted in negative stereotypes of males being embedded in our culture. If you are a white, heterosexual male, who hasn’t succumbed to political correctness and therefore can still think for yourself, you are probably sick of the put-down of men in TV commercials, sitcoms and movies and the outright slandering of men by the domestic violence industry.

In a world where the cultural dialogue is dominated by feminists still complaining that men have all the power yet the truth in most Western countries, is that many of our laws, attitudes and social conventions make life tough for men, going so far at times to demonise men.

How many times have you watched TV commercials and sitcoms depicting males as dim-witted, bumbling oafs outwitted by smug, all-knowing females?

Or TV shows such as Criminal Minds that routinely depict males as violent, sadistic and depraved serial killers?

And SVU: Special Victims Unit, where the overwhelming majority of perpetrators are male (usually white).

Many men are incensed at their treatment in the courts and in police proceedings.


Germans told to stockpile food and water in case of 'catastrophe scenario' - is an Islamic State attack imminent?

Islamic State planning ‘nuclear holocaust’ to wipe hundreds of millions from the face of the earth.

ISIS nuclear

So claimed Jurgen Todenhofer, the first Western reporter to embed (for ten days) with Islamic State (IS) fighters and not be killed in the process, as he discussed his observations of the terror group with Al Jazeera in January 2015.

The German journalist claimed the terror group wants to launch a 'nuclear tsunami' against the west and anyone else that opposes their plans for an Islamic caliphate.

Todenhofer expanded upon his observations of IS in his book, Inside IS: Ten Days In The Islamic State, which was published in April 2015.

Mr Todenhöfer went on to say that ISIS have plans for mass genocide, with the aim of eradicating all atheists and religions that are not 'people of the book' or who do not subscribe to their particular brand of Islam.

'The IS want to kill... all non-believers and apostates and enslave their women and children. All Shiites, Yazidi, Hindus, atheists and polytheists should be killed,' he wrote.

'Hundreds of millions of people are to be eliminated in the course of this religious 'cleansing'.

He warned that the terror organisation is far more 'dangerous and organised' than people in the West realises. 

He said the West has 'no concept of the threat it faces' from the Islamic State and has underestimated the risk posed by ISIS 'dramatically'.

'This is the largest religious cleansing strategy that has ever been planned in human history,' the journalist added. [1]

Have German intelligence agencies warned the government of an impending Islamic State attack of this nature?

European media, including the BBC, have been reporting since 23 August of the German government's warning for people  to stockpile emergency supplies.

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, Germany has told its citizens to stockpile emergency food, water and other supplies [including medicines, warm blankets, coal, wood, candles, torches, batteries, matches, and reserves of cash] in their homes in the event of a catastrophe or terrorist attack. According to the 69-page “Concept for Civil Defence” document, Germans will have to stock enough food for ten days and enough water for five days.


Gangs of Pakistani Muslim men rape, beat and sexually exploit more than 1,400 young British girls, some as young as 11, over 16 year period in English town of Rotherham

For years, police and authorities turned a blind eye for for of being branded racist

A story of rampant child abuse—ignored and abetted by the police—emerged out of the British town of Rotherham in Yorkshire in August 2014. Until then, its scale and scope would have been inconceivable in a civilized country. 

Laura Wilson

Rotherham teenage mother Laura Wilson, was brutally murdered by her Muslim lover, Ashtiaq Ashgar, for exposing their secret relationship to his family and bringing shame on the traditional Pakistani Muslim family.

Ashgar had sworn Laura to secrecy because  he was just using her for sex while his family were planning an arranged marriage for their son with a girl from Pakistan

Its origins, however, lie in two related factors, firstly what one Labour MP called “not wanting to rock the multicultural boat” and secondly, the fear by police, council authorities and social workers of being branded as racist.

The Labour council of Rotherham stands accused of ignoring child sex abuse on an unimaginable scale for 16 years.

Children (almost entirely white British girls) as young as 11 were trafficked, beaten, and raped by large numbers of Pakistani Muslim men in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, the council commissioned review into child protection revealed.

At least 1,400 children were subjected to appalling sexual exploitation in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013, the report found.

Children as young as 11 were raped by multiple perpetrators, abducted, trafficked to other cities in England, beaten and intimidated, it said.

And shockingly, more than a third of the cases were already known to agencies. 

But according to the report's author: 'several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought racist'.

The landmark report exposed widespread failures of the council, police and social services.


Feminist zealots create an anti-male world

Many TV commercials depict females as clever and all-knowing while they depict males as bumbling fools, but never the other way around. Some examples:

  • In a commercial for Wallet Wizard loans, a dim-witted dork of a male (pictured), with mouth agape, whines "Honey I accidentally laminated the cat". The  attractive wife, with a long-suffering look says, "another vet bill - where will we get the money?". No self-respecting male should ever do business with this company.

  • In an AAMI commercial, the cat belonging to a smart,sassy female runs up a tree and a fool of a male tries to rescue it, only to find himself trapped up the tree. All males should boycott AAMI. Australian insurance companies are some of the worst offenders when it comes to depicting smart, beautiful women and stupid, bumbling males.

University texts have become feminised and anti-male. Following university indoctrination, the more activist teachers are disseminating the anti-male propaganda, telling their classes for example, that the reasons for wars is the innately violent nature of men (see below, "A word from a feminist"). 

American sitcoms are replete with images of oafish, bumbling males who constantly need assistance from smart, smug females.

American crime shows such as Law & Order - Special Victims Unit depict men as evil rapists and murderers. Stabler, the former male star of SVU took great delight in slamming each male suspect up against the wall and hissing "you low-life scumbag" in his face. On the rare occasion the detectives apprehend a woman suspect they treat her very gently because there must have been a good reason she murdered her child.

All of the negative images of males is having a devastating effect on the morale of young boys. "They are soaking up these negative images", says Don Bowak, NSW president of the Men's Health and Well-Being Association. "There's huge anger and they don't even know where it is coming from".


Camille Paglia - how a civilization commits suicide

'What you're seeing is how a civilization commits suicide," says Camille Paglia in an interview with Bari Weiss of the Wall Street Journal. This self-described "notorious Amazon feminist" isn't telling anyone to Lean In or asking Why Women Still Can't Have It All. No, her indictment may be as surprising as it is wide-ranging: The military is out of fashion, Americans undervalue manual labor, schools neuter male students, opinion makers deny the biological differences between men and women, and sexiness is dead. And that's just 20 minutes of our three-hour conversation.

Camille Paglia
Camille Paglia

When Ms. Paglia, burst onto the national stage in 1990 with the publishing of "Sexual Personae," she immediately established herself as a feminist who was the scourge of the movement's establishment, a heretic to its orthodoxy. Pick up the 700-page tome, subtitled "Art and Decadence From Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson," and it's easy to see why. "If civilization had been left in female hands," she wrote, "we would still be living in grass huts."

But no subject gets her going more than what she sees as the connection between society's attempts to paper over the biological distinction between men and women and the collapse of Western civilization.


What is a social justice warrior (SJW)?

Social justice warriors believe in an extreme left-wing ideology that combines feminism, progressivism, and political correctness into a totalitarian system that attempts to censor speech while actively discriminating against men, particularly white men. They are the internet activist arm of Western progressivism that acts as a vigilante group to ensure compliance and homogeny of far left thought.

David Morrison
2016 Australian of the Year and SJW, David Morrison. He receives up to $15,000 for speaking engagements while advocating for gender and diversity issues. He has promised to carry on Rosie Batty's anti-male crusade.

The true definition of SJW is up for debate, but most generally it has become a catch-all term that describes feminists, progressives, Greens members, cultural Marxists and members of extreme left groups such as Socialist Alliance who actively try to solve the perceived social injustices of modern society by organizing in online communities to disseminate propaganda and censor speech.

Those who proudly adopt the title express a mix of sensitivity to social issues coupled with an aggressive and almost militant outrage at any perceived injustice.

Often they are people with paper thin skin who always find something to be offended about.

They specialise in race, gender, ethnic and pro-Islamic causes.

Although admittedly not extreme left-wingers, the last three Australians of the Year fit into the category of social justice warriors -  which says something about the Australian of the Year selection panels.

Rosie Batty

2015 Australian of the Year and SJW, Rosie Batty. She used her personal tragedy to demonise men in her domestic violence campaign that labels all perpetrators as male.

Batty has said Australia still struggled to call out domestic violence for what is was - men's violence against women. This is an extremely provocative and divisive falsehood, when one in three victims of domestic violence is a male.

Who could forget part-Aboriginal footballer, Adam Goodes who shamefully abused his position of  2014 Australian of the Year, using his soapbox to vilify our past, and preach division. He was dubbed by many as "Un-Australian of the Year"

Commenting on a the film, Utopia,  by another un-Australian, John Pilger, the former Swans captain denounced “our very dark past, a brutal history of dispossession, theft and slaughter”.

“Europeans, and the governments that have run our country, have raped, killed and stolen,” he wrote in Fairfax newspapers. (See also Adam Goodes and the hunt for racists)

SJWs in America are waging a bitter war on society where they use fear mongering and bullying to police language, enforce censorship and unfairly discredit those who deviate from their position. They have punished individuals by getting them terminated from their employment. They have also been successful at positioning themselves in the upper echelons of universities, media organizations, and tech companies.


What is a social justice warrior (SJW)?


anatomy of a SLW

Social justice warriors believe in an extreme left-wing ideology that combines feminism, progressivism, and political correctness into a totalitarian system that attempts to censor speech and promote fringe lifestyles while actively discriminating against men, particularly white men. They are the internet activist arm of Western progressivism that acts as a vigilante group to ensure compliance and homogeny of far left thought.


Australian of the Year selection committee

Selection of Australian of the Year is made by the Board of the National Australia Day Council.

There have been some truly outstanding recipients of the Australian of the Year awards in previous years. They have more than adequately satisfied the criteria set down by the selection committee:

Demonstrated excellence in their field Significant contribution to the Australian community and nation An ...


Jihad apologists

Keysar Trad

Keysar Trad

Whenever there is an Islamic atrocity or Muslims are shown in a bad light, the founder of the Islamic Friendship Association, Keysar Trad bobs up to announce that “Islam is a religion ...


Cheese eating surrender monkeys - France capitulates to the Islamists

"Cheese eating surrender monkeys" - The Simpsons Groundskeeper Willie's famous words are an apt summing up of the situation in France following latest Jihadist atrocities. The French authorities, from the president down, together with the majority of the French populace, have capitulated to the Islamist threat.

"They have guns but we have flowers"

Several weeks have passed since Islamist attackers bloodied Paris. France's President François Hollande is describing the killers as just "a horde of murderers" acting in the name of a "mad cause." He adds that "France has no enemy." He never uses the word "terrorism." He no longer says the word "war."

From the beginning, pacifism and appeasement filled the air. A German pianist came to play John Lennon's Imagine in front of the Bataclan Theater; since then, other pianists have come. On the Place de la République, people assemble every evening to sing more songs by the Beatles: All You Need Is Love; Love Me Do. Candles are lit, and banners deployed, calling for "universal brotherhood."

In a widely circulated video, a man tries to reassure his child. "They have guns," he mutters, "but we have flowers."

"The endpoint of war is to bring about an amenable state of mind in the enemy"

The following extracts from a story by Guy Milliere writing for the Gatestone Insitute illustrate the amenable state of mind of the French government and the French people.

  • Those invited to speak on TV about what happened allude to "senseless acts." They do not blame anyone.

  • Some spoke of "resistance," but to them, resistance meant listening to music. To others, it meant having a drink with friends in a bar.

  • Heart-shaped stickers are posted on mosques. Words such as "We love you" and "We share your pain" are written on the hearts.


Australian Liberty Alliance the only political party to tackle the threat of Islam

Bernard  Gaynor
ALA Senate candidate Bernard Gaynor

Australian Liberty Alliance Senate candidate, Bernard Gaynor, opened his campaign with a cracker of a speech at a meeting on the Gold Coast on November 24.

At last Australia has a political party that truly understands the threat to our society and our culture from Islam.

This was an amazing speech that will give comfort to so many Australians who despair at the wilful blindness and downright stupidity of our ruling elites who refuse to tackle or even acknowledge the Islamic threat.

The Australian Liberty Alliance threatens to shake up the Australian political landscape. 

Key points from the speech:

  • Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull is ill-equipped and unprepared to protect Australia and Australians from the Islamic threat.

  • Millions of taxpayer dollars being spent on Islamic organisations and causes, including legal fees of Islamists facing terrorism charges.

  • Even the Australian military has buckled to the Islamic onslaught, by appointing Sheikh Mohammadu Saleem as the military's first imam. This is the same Sheikh who called for the implementation of Sharia law in Australia and who supports  Hizb ut Tahrir, an extremist Islamic group that rejects our values, our laws, our flag and our anthem and has called for  a world-wide caliphate.

  • The ALA will stop Islamic immigration.

  • The ALA will axe the halal certicication tax
  • The ALA will put an end to the construction of dangerous new mosques and Islamic schools.

  • The ALA is not a single issue party.

  • It aims to sell SBS to the highest bidder and promises to put a broom through the ABC. It will address flaws in our education system and it believes in reform of the tax system.

Below is the full text of Bernard Gaynor's landmark speech.


Sweden close to collapse

Sweden is facing collapse thanks to the recent huge influx of migrants into the country, the Swedish foreign minister has said.

As 190,000 migrants pour into Sweden in 2015 alone, law and order is beginning to break down as the country plays witness to numerous arson attacks, stabbings and gang rapes.


Sweden: rape capital of the world

 In 1975, the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the former homogeneous Sweden into a multicultural country. Forty years later the dramatic consequences of this experiment emerge: violent crime has increased by 300%.

If one looks at the number of rapes, however, the increase is even worse. In 1975, 421 rapes were reported to the police; in 2014 it was 6,620.  That is an ...


Syrian woman killed in Germany by her family for being 'unclean' after being gang-raped

Muslim honour killing Rokstan M 20-year old Rokstan M stabbed to death, allegedly by her father and brothers. In the Muslim tradition of honour ...


Australian Liberty Alliance launches new political party in Australia

 Geert Wilders




















Australian Liberty Alliance to represent "ordinary Australians"

I was privileged to attend the launch of a new political party that will surely change the political landscape in Australia.

Amid tight security we were driven by buses to a secret location outside Perth Metropolitan area.

The guest of honour was one of the most high-profile political figures in the Western world, leader of the PVV, the most popular political party in the Netherlands, Dutch parliamentarian, Geert Wilders.


Update: Acquitted husband killer walks free from court a second time

 Susan Falls

Susan Falls, who in 2010 provided a case study in how to legally kill your husband, has walked free from court again, this time after defrauding the Australian taxpayers of $78,284.

Falls walked free from Southport (Queensland) Magistrates Court on an intensive supervision order after pleading guilty to ripping off Centrelink over five years when she claimed she was a single mother.

But at the time she was living with her husband Rodney on the Sunshine Coast and the pair owned businesses, built a duplex and took a family holiday to Hawaii.

Falls killed Mr Falls in 2006 when she drugged his dinner and shot him in the head. His body was later dumped in bushland and she reported him missing.


Adam Goodes and the hunt for racists

There are three very good reasons why fans boo part-Aboriginal football star, Adam Goodes.

Goodes war dance
 Any person, Aboriginal or not, making provocative gesures like this, is sure to rile the crowd

Firstly, Goodes showed himself to be a racially-divisive person following his controversial nomination as Australian of the Year. He only achieved this exalted position because the selection committee, the Board of the Australia Day National Council, had been infiltrated by a bunch of politically correct social justice warriors. Goodes immediately used his position to vilify white Australians.

“Europeans, and the governments that have run our country, have raped, killed and stolen,” he wrote in Fairfax newspapers.

Coming to grips with his part-Aboriginal ancestry has left Goodes with deep-seated anger and a notable hatred of white Australia.

Goodes then became infamous when a 13-year-old white girl was subjected to national humiliation after she shouted “ape” at the bearded footballer from the sidelines of a tense game.

Goodes kept pointing to the girl until security moved in on her.

The frightened girl was frog-marched, crying,  from the stands.

She was grilled,and then detained, by police for two hours, initially without her grandmother present, and threatened with charges. Her face was shown on national TV and she was publicly branded a racist.

In a newspaper article next day Goodes provocatively declared “racism had a face - and it was a 13-year-old girl”.


Aid to Indonesia


... low level diplomacy out of Indo


Domestic violence: Four women execute boyfriend

Anna Marshall

It was an offer he couldn't refuse. Paul Snabel had  been partying all night. In the early hours of the morning of November 11, 1989 his girlfriend Karen Randall phoned and said, meet me for sex.

The sun was rising as Karen's sister Donna picked up Paul Snable and drove him to a remote property in rural Victoria. He had no inkling that this was to be his last day on earth.

For Paul Snabel was heading into a trap set ...


Domestic violence: Woman walks free from court after killing her son

Women who kill get soft sentences from feminist-friendly judiciary Judge lets female child killer walk free

Anna Marshall 14 July 2004

On August 4, 2003, New South Wales woman Daniela Dawes (pictured) forced her 10-year-old autistic son Jason's mouth closed and pinched his nose until he stopped struggling. 


Domestic violence against men: Gemma Hollings

Woman who attacked her boyfriend with a hammer, pole and broken bottle jailed for eight years after 'one of the worst' ...


Domestic violence: How to get away with murder

Jessica Silva
Jessica Silva walks free after killing her former de-facto husband

On March 6, 2015 another woman using the "battered woman" defence walked free from an Australian court after being found guilty of the manslaughter of her former de-facto husband and father of her child.

Although the jury found Jessica Silva guilty of the manslaughter of James Polkinghorne, the kindly judge, NSW Supreme Court Justice Clifton Hoeben found she did not intend to kill Mr Polkinghorne and allowed her to walk from the court with just a good behaviour bond.

The judge arrived at his amazing conclusion, notwithstanding that he heard during the trial a transcript of a telephone conversation between Silva and her brother on the morning of the murder, where she said:

"Is there anyone we can fucking contact, somebody to get him killed or something."

Mr Silva says there isn't and repeatedly urges her to go the police and to get an AVO out against him, and she tells him "don't worry about it, I'll fucking stab him myself."


EXPOSED! World’s largest Islamic charity a front for terrorism

Islamic Relief logo

 Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) was in November 2014 designated a terrorist group by the UAE, the second Middle Eastern country to do so. In June 2014, Israel declared IRW a financial conduit to Hamas, and it was banned from Israel and the West Bank.


We're losing the war against radical Islam

by Newt Gingrich
 ISIS fighter
Congress needs a strategy to defeat both violent and cultural jihad.
There are three key, sobering observations about where we are today which should force this thorough, no-holds-barred review of our situation.
These three points — which are backed up by the facts — suggest the United States is drifting into a crisis that could challenge our very survival.
First, it is the case that after 35 years of conflict dating back to the Iranian seizure of the American embassy in Tehran and the ensuing hostage crisis, the United States and its allies are losing the long, global war with radical Islamists.
We are losing to both the violent jihad and to the cultural jihad.
The violent jihad has shown itself recently in Paris, Australia, Tunisia, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Gaza, Nigeria, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Yemen, to name just some of the most prominent areas of violence.


Multiculturalism fails in France - civil war predicted

By Martin Lehmann

France has some 751 no-go zones. The French government labels them sensitive urban zones. But what they are are dangerous to whites and non-Muslims who enter. Some of the no-go zones function like micro-states, and are governed by sharia law.

A leading French intellectual says it means where the police don't go, the firemen don't go and even the doctors and ambulances don't ...


German television's mass deception

The account below by Pierre Gosselin analyses how German public television broadcaster ZDF perpetrates the deception of the world leaders in their pretend Charlie Hebdo march. As you watch the video, key elements of the deception are translated below.

By P Gosselin on 17. January 2015

Never the trust the media, let alone political leaders.

When they tell us global warming is real while sea ice at the poles is at normal levels and snow is falling ...


Cowardly world leaders march up safe side street instead of with Charlie Hebdo marchers

Mass deception and cowardice of the political elites

The mainstream media breathlessly reported on the bravery and solidarity of world leaders marching in the Charlie Hebdo protests.


This is how Piers Morgan reported it for the notoriously left-wing Daily Mail Australia:

It was one of the most powerful images of solidarity the world has seen since the end of World War II.

A million and a half people marching through the streets of Paris, some crying, many cheering, others chanting ‘Je suis Charlie!’ or singing La Marseillaise – that most spine-tingling of all national anthems.

At the head of the march were 50 world leaders; the Prime Ministers of France, Britain, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Turkey and Israel stood side-by-side, arm-in-arm with the German chancellor, the Palestinian president, and the Queen of Jordan. 

It was a fantastically moving spectacle as they all nudged forward, foot by foot, through the vast throng crowds.

Great story - except it wasn't true.

The wide-angle picture below reveals the truth.


The reality is the world leaders gathered in a deserted side-street for a photo-op. If you look at the video you will see the leaders looking left and right as if to acknowledge the crowds hanging out of windows. But look again at the top picture. There is not a soul to be seen hanging out of the windows in the deserted street. And it certainly wasn't the Place de la Republique where the real march took place.

The few rows behind the leaders were made up of dignitaries and security people.

Pure theatre for the benefit of a compliant news media.

If you don't believe me, then scan the various videos of the event. The leaders video has been cleverly spliced on to the marchers video, but you will never see the leaders actually leading the march.


Aboriginals: One of the outcomes of a life on taxpayer-funded welfare

Police attacked by Broome beach crowd

As reported by November 8, 2014

The damage done to one of the abandoned police vehicles.

The damage done to one of the abandoned police vehicles. Photo: WA Police

Four police officers were injured when they were set upon by a crowd at Town Beach in Broome, 2240km north of Perth, on Friday November 7, 2014.

Police went to the beach after reports of people fighting and found between 100 and 150 people at the scene.

As an officer tried to arrest one man for disorderly behaviour he was attacked by the crowd. When another officer tried to help he was punched to the head.

At that point a community bus drove onto the grassed area and the officers escaped the crowd by getting onto the bus.

Two police vehicles were left on the grassed area, and the crowd then kicked and smashed the vehicles.  Windows and panels were damaged on both vehicles.

Read the perspective of a police officer in attendance.


Geert Wilders: Islam’s War Against the Free West

Geert Wilders’ speech at an event sponsored by the Freedom Center at the Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

Before I continue, let me tell you something about my life as a European politician.

I am not a President, nor a Governor, nor even a member of Cabinet, just a member of Congress. For over ten years now, I have been living under 24/7 police protection. I lived with my wife in army barracks, prison cells and safe houses until this very day, just to be safe.

Wherever I go, armed policemen accompany me to protect me against Islamic jihadis. Al Qaida, the Taliban, ISIS and many others threatened to kill me because I tell the truth about Islam and speak out against the Islamization of our free Western societies.

In Europe we have made a terrible mistake. During the past decades, our politicians foolishly allowed millions of Islamic immigrants to settle within our borders. Everywhere the Islamic culture was welcomed as an enrichment. Nowhere was the demand made that the immigrants assimilate.

Not a single European leader had the guts to state the obvious and tell the truth: Our Western culture based on Christianity, Judaism and Humanism, is far superior to the Islamic culture and immigrants have to adopt our values.

 And now, we in Europe are paying the price for this folly. Islam is eating away our Judeo-Christian and humanist civilization and replacing it with intolerance, hatred and violence. And our so-called leaders allow it.


Analysis of Pauline Hanson's maiden speech in federal parliament

Martin Lehmann - 8 September, 2003

This is the speech that drove the ruling elites and left-wing media into paroxysms of self-righteous  fury. The Murdoch, Fairfax and Packer journalists, together with the politically correct zealots from the ABC and SBS seized on these words, twisted them into a parody of lies, deceit and slander to launch one of the most defamatory, vicious and scurrilous attacks on the character of a person ever seen in ...


Pauline Hanson's maiden speech in federal parliament

The speech that struck at the heart of political correctness and challenged the authority of the ruling elites

Read also - Analysis of Pauline  Hanson's maiden speech


Pauline Hanson: Vicious media attacks frighten off politicians

John Howard conned by the media

Martin Lehmann - 14 March 1999

John Howard is too weak to stand up to the media. Their anti-Hanson onslaught has reduced Howard to a quivering blob of ...


Pauline Hanson: Australian media a threat to democracy

Martin Lehmann - 1 February 2001

One million Australian voters were dis-enfranchised at the last Federal election due to blatant media interference in the democratic process.

The One Nation party received one million votes but did not get one member elected in the House of Representatives. 

With the looming WA state election, the media has again demonstrated its dangerous ...


Pauline Hanson: Press Council head slams media 'feeding frenzy'

Media bias exposed in Hanson attacks

The head of the Australian Press Council was forced to criticise the media over its anti-Hanson attacks, as reported in The West Australian on 27/10/97 :

The media have gone into a "feeding frenzy" over Independent MP Pauline Hanson and were to blame for resulting ...


Archives: Murdoch media blitzes Hanson

Weekly round-up 5 July, 1998 

Murdoch media blitzes Hanson

 Rupert Murdoch, one of the world's richest and most powerful men, has ordered his editorial staff to use the full power of the Murdoch media empire to destroy Pauline Hanson and her fledgling One nation party. This is the ...


The political assassination of Pauline Hanson

Kerry Packer, Rupert Murdoch, Terry Sharples, Tony Abbott and Patsy Wolfe – these names will forever live in infamy in Australian politics as Pauline Hanson’s assassins.  

From the time Ms Hanson broke the journalists' taboo on discussing Aboriginal welfare and Asian immigration the Packer and Murdoch journalists have attacked her with a savage, unrelenting fury.

When the Liberal Party realised Ms Hanson threatened the comfortable duopoly of the major parties it despatched ...


Pauline Hanson re-visited - Australian media incite violence

Now that Pauline Hanson has re-entered the poltical fray, we have decided to re-print some articles from the time of her original entry into politics to remind Australians of one of the most disgraceful episodes in Australian political history, where sustained, vicious media attacks whipped up crowds of screaming demonstrators into intimidating and even physically attacking Pauline Hanson and her supporters.

Martin Lehmann - 21 July 1998
The media, after more than a year of the greatest vilification campaign in Australian history, have succeeded in dividing Australia like never before. They have joined forces with the politically correct academics and the multicultural and aboriginal industries in vilifying Pauline Hanson and all those who support her.

Violent mobs, whipped up by a vicious media onslaught,  attack Hanson supporters

A man trying to enter the meeting is bashed to the ground by this  brutish thug. Can anybody identify him or others in this raging mob?

On 7 July 1997 around 100 people trying to enter a One Nation meeting in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong were confronted by about 1,000 screaming, jostling demonstrators. Many, like Keith Warburton who was bashed unconscious by three demonstrators, had come to find out for themselves what One Nation stood for. 

"I'm just  an individual without political leanings," Warburton said after the attack from his Dandenong Hospital bed. "An attack like this is just not Australian, where we believe in freedom of speech."

According to police, Warburton was bashed by three individuals, one punched him, the other grabbed him in a head-lock and the third kicked him. As he fell already unconscious, he hit his head on the curb.

On 19 July 1998 over 1500 violent protesters gathered outside the Hawthorn Town Hall to threaten and intimidate people trying to attend a One Nation meeting. Many elderly people fearing for their safety turned away.



Halal-free products: support these suppliers and products

This is a list of some of the better known Halal-free products.

Dick Smith logo

Aussie icon, Dick Smith's products are all Halal-free.

Other products that are not Halal certified

  • Arnotts' products
  • Avon Valley beef
  • Ballantyne chocolates
  • Berri

Click on 'read more' for more products


Halal Certified Products - avoid these suppliers and products

KFC rolls are Halal certified

These suppliers are paying the Islamic tax known as Halal Certification. By buying their products you are contributing to the construction of mosques and Islamic schools as well as providing support for Jihadists.

This is a list of some of the better known Halal certified products. For a complete list, go to:    Kirralie Smith is the creator of the halal choices website, shopping guide book and phone app and an expert on halal certification of foods and supermarkets in Australia. Support her valuable website by making a donation.


  • Abbot Village Bakery
  • Browne's milk
  • Cadbury products
  • Kraft Vegemite
  • Kellogg's All Bran
  • Ingham Chickens
  • Steggles chicken

For more of the list, click on 'Read  more'


Halal Certification: How the West is financing its own destruction


Halal Certification finances terrorism

A number of Muslim organisations run a Mafia-style protection racket in Western countries called Halal certification - certifying the food is permissible under Islamic shariah law.  Halal certification schemes are widely imposed on non-Muslims. Certification schemes began in the 1980s and are funded by consumers through a multi-level system of one off and recurring fees, paid by suppliers to Islamic organisations. It is in effect a hidden Islamic tax on goods and services.

The  Muslim organisations use the standover tactics of threatening boycotts of the suppliers products if they resist paying the protection money.



A vote for Labor is a vote for Islam

Although just 2.2 per cent of the population, Australia’s organised Islamic minority is exerting a disproportionate and worrying influence on Australia's Federal parliament.

At least 15 Federal seats are now in the hands of Islamic voters with populations of between 5 per cent and 22.67 per cent with many more seats likely to swing on the Islamic vote.

Australia's Grand Mufti, Ibrahim Abu Mohammad, (pictured) in a successful attempt to influence who sits in Australia's Parliament, in an email to Labor MPs, said Islam had worked hard to retain a Labor government.


Australia's home-grown Muslim terrorists

Mohamed Ali Elomar, Khaled and Moustafa Cheikho, Abdul Rakib Hasan and Mohammed Omar Jamal were part of a nine-man terrorist cell that planned to attack an unspecified Sydney target.

They were found guilty by a jury on October 16, 2009, and judge Anthony Whealy ordered the men serve the longest jail sentences for terrorism offences in Australia.

The terrorist group ordered or bought hundreds of litres of chemicals which could be used to make explosives. They also bought ...


Cultural Marxism destroying Western Culture

Cultural Marxism, dubbed “the greatest cancer in the Western world”, is the ideological driver behind political correctness. It is the destructive criticism and undermining of all institutions of Western civilization and the traditional values underpinning it.

Cultural Marxism was formulated as a way to subvert Western nations and civilization using methods other than direct political action.

Cultural Marxism is largely a synthesis of Marx and Freud. It is Marxism as applied in the cultural sphere and the analysis and control of the media, art, theatre, film and other cultural institutions in society, often with an emphasis on class, race and gender.


The enemy within: Bali-style terrorist on Australian soil 'inevitable' says Labor MP

A SENIOR member of parliament’s high-powered intelligence and security committee has warned a Bali-style terrorist attack is inevitable on ­Australian soil and the risk of an incident is “accelerating”.

Unless ASIO and other spy agencies were given the sweeping new powers they were asking for, but were being denied, security forces would be ­limited in trying to prevent it.


British Jihadist Threatens Beheadings In Trafalgar Square

A British extremist has taken to twitter to say an Islamic State would capture Downing Street and hold executions in Trafalgar Square. Abu Dugam al-Britani, has issued a series of chilling warnings of a “holy war” in Britain, according to the Daily Mirror.

Al-Britani is believed to be fighting for ISIS in Syria, and it is thought his real name is Abu Rahin ...


Geert Wilders in Melbourne

Below is the prepared text of the speech given by Geert Wilders in Melbourne, Australia:

Speech by Geert Wilders
Melbourne, Australia
Tuesday February 19, 2013

Dear friends,

Finally, I am here.

I am very happy to be in your beautiful and magnificent country, Australia.

400 years ago, the Dutch were the first Europeans to discover Australia. They named this land after their own and ...


Assault on free speech

Throughout the West there is a remorseless assault on free speech through the agency of human rights commissions, political correctness and racial discrimination laws.

It was a sad day for free sppech in Australia, when on 28th September 2011 Justice Bromberg in a long, rambling homily, found Andrew  Bolt and the Herald & Weekly Times guilty of conduct that contravened section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. In two columns, ...


How to be a journalist in one easy lesson

Learn journalism the easy way

Marxist Martin HirstYou can save yourself three years of politically correct, left-wing indoctrination at journalism school by just following the simple steps below.

Learn the following vocabulary with its emphasis on hard-hitting negative verbs:
(All of the following are regularly used in media reports. See how many you can spot next time you read a newspaper or watch the TV news.)

 Sparked (the most important word in a journalist's vocabulary), as in "sparked anger", "sparked uproar", "sparked outrage", "sparked a war of words";

 rolled, as in "Caucus rolled the Prime Minister", or  "The Minister was rolled on  the  issue". Political leaders never change their minds or review their decisions, they "back flip" or they are "rolled" ;

caved-in; back flip; exposed; blamed; threatened; warned; sent shock waves; shattered; pummelled; taken a hit; rolled over; attacked; intimidated; undermined; killed; spinning dangerously out of control; the death toll from a tragic ........,    


Selection of Australian of the Year - Adam Goodes

Selection of Australian of the Year is made by the Board of the National Australia Day Council.

There have been some truly outstanding recipients of the Australian of the Year awards in previous years. They have more than adequately satisfied the criteria set down by the selection committee:

Demonstrated excellence in their field Significant contribution to the Australian community and nation An ...


James Delingpole: education and cultural Marxism

In the Spectator recently, my old friend Toby Young described a dilemma which all those of us right-wing persuasion must face up to in the end: should you soften your position in order to find some common ground with people whose stupid political ideology you loathe and despise? Or should you stay true to your principles and risk being marginalised as, at best, unreasonable and, at worst, as a fruitcake, a crank, a dangerous extremist?


Gina Rinehart hits out at welfare recipients and the Left for dragging Australia into debt

MINING billionaire Gina Rinehart has criticised welfare recipients for dragging the country into debt and attacked the political left for spending the “bottomless pit” of revenue generated from mining taxes and royalties.

“We are living beyond our means,” Ms Rinehart, worth an estimated $19.89 billion, wrote in an opinion article. “This ‘Age of Entitlement’ and its consequences is creating problems for all of us, our children and our grandchildren.”

In her ...


Adam Goodes: Un-Australian of the year

Part-Aboriginal footballer, Adam Goodes has shamefully abused his position of  Australian of the Year, using his soapbox to vilify our past and preach division.

Commenting on a the film, Utopia,  by another un-Australian, John Pilger, the Swans captain denounced “our very dark past, a brutal history of dispossession, theft and slaughter”.

“Europeans, and the governments that have run our country, have raped, killed and stolen,” he wrote ...


Black Africans gang-rape 14 year-old girl

It is clear that a significant number of sons of African refugees are adopting a “race"-based gangsta identity, pushing them into inevitable violent crime, including gang rape.

Family and friends of a 14 year-old girl allegedly gang-raped in a western Sydney park say they know who the perpetrators are and have pointed the finger at an African gang operating in the Blacktown area.

Police continue to hose down reports of retaliatory violence but an African youth was attacked by ...


Climate change update - are we heading for another ice age?

Danube frozen over

Previously this story would be called Global Warming Update, but as there has been no measurable warming of the planet for sixteen years, the global warming alarmists have re-named their dodgy theory "climate change".

Here are some recent articles of interest.


Sea Shepherd's violent history

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society


“We’re not a protest organization, we’re a policing organization,” Paul Watson has said of his Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS). A pirate organization is more like it. Sporting the skull and crossbones, his black or battleship-gray ships sail menacingly through the waves. They are painted with the names of the boats Watson has rammed and ...


Wasting breath on the shrieking Left

What defines a leftist? An inability to separate logic from emotion, for starters, followed by the gales of abuse that typically follow any challenge to the nostrums that make so-called progressives feel so very good and virtuous. A recent blog post sums it up nicely:

“The majority of people are weak-minded. They are also lazy. However, they are also egotistical . . . and so their mind reaches for something that will not only allow them ...


Marxist infiltration of Australian univerities

We’re paying for the teaching of Marxist politics

Andrew Bolt Herald Sun February 17, 2014 12:00AM


Shark cull mass hysteria in Western Australia

Sea Shepherd Australia and the Greens publicity stunt creates mass hysteria in Western Australia

In Western Australia, seven fatal shark attacks in three years have given many beach lovers and surfers serious concerns about entering the water. Attendances at popular beaches, such as Cotteloe, have dropped by as much as two thirds, according to some estimates.

Not so long ago, the water off Cottesloe beach was full of early morning ...


How the social engineers of the Left and the Greens are perverting Australia's culture

In an important article in The Australian, Nick Cater exposes the left-wing zealots in the education system who are corrupting Australia's education system under the noses of parents and society in general.

Through stealth the Left-wing academics and teachers unions have taken over the national curriculum.

Instead of focusing on teaching literacy and numeracy, the 699 page Australian Curriculum stresses concepts such as ...


Australian curriculum beyond saving

Australian curriculum beyond saving

NICK CATER The Australian January 14, 2014 12:00AM


Aussie sheik's group preaches hatred of the Western way of life

 "We hate the Kuffar and everything that they worship. We hate their constitutions, we reject their way of life, we reject their political systems, we reject their parliaments, we reject their democracy, capitalism, liberalism, socialism, communism and every other filthy disbelieving 'ism' that has come to act as a hindrance from Islam, the pure religion of Allah to rule from the east to the west. - ...


Ship of fools: global warmists ice-bound in the Antarctic

Climate change and media bias.

The majority of the mainstream journalists have become staunch advocates of the global warming hypothesis. Their reporting clearly favours reports from the warmists while they gleefully parrot warmist jibes at skeptics; phrases such as "deniers".

Australia's ABC is one of the leaders of the pack.

In November 2013 the ABC ran a two-part report in which it eagerly presented Professor ...


Savage attack by Aboriginal leaves 89-year-old man brain-damaged and blind in one eye

Sidney Brady was an independent 89-year-old man until he was savagely beaten in a senseless attack during a home invasion, by Allan Ronald Poland.

Since the horrifying ordeal in October 2011, the elderly man spent two months in hospital, swapped his walking stick for a frame and now lives under the full-time care of his daughter and son-in-law.



Police raid Islamic college following allegations of serious fraud against the federal government

ONE of Australia's best-known Islamic colleges (AIC) has been raided by police and government investigators on suspicion its three campuses have rorted the student subsidies payable for non-government schools.

The Australian Islamic College's campuses at Kewdale in Perth's south and Dianella and Thornlie in the city's north were raided at 9am (ACDT) yesterday by 28 fraud squad officers and 10 investigators from the Federal Department of Education, Science and Training investigations ...


Muslim school officials siphon off millions of dollars from the government to fund Islamic lobby groups

The story (below) from The Australian reveals some disturbing ramifications of the  Islamic  Civilisation Jihad of the Western world.

Firstly, many Muslims consider it only natural to extract money out of the infidels (all of us tax paying non-Muslims) because they consider we should be paying the tribute, called jizya to the Muslims, to which they believe they are divinely ...


Multiculturalism in action: Sudanese former child soldier guilty of vicious attack on elderly man

A former Sudanese child soldier who blamed  memories of a traumatic childhood that triggered a vicious bashing of a  Canberra man has been sentenced to three months’ weekend detention.

Luay Shaor, 30 at the time, claimed he suffered a traumatic childhood in Africa, which saw him beaten by his family and conscripted into the Sudanese army as a young teenager. Shaor eventually fled Sudan, saying he escaped the army and ran for four days barefoot through the ...


Australian-born radical Muslim arrested over near-fatal shooting

Radical MuslimAN Australian-born man known to intelligence authorities for his extreme religious views has been charged over an alleged near-fatal shooting outside a sex club in Sydney's northwest in May 2013.

Milad Bin Ahmad Shah al-Ahmadzai, 23, has been charged over the May 1 shooting and ambush of a ...


Female domestic violence - Woman murders her 6-year-old daughter

Sydney woman, part-Aboriginal Kristi Abrahams pleaded guilty to murdering her daughter, Kiesha (pictured below), whose remains were found in bushland in Sydney's west in early 2011, eight months after she was reported missing.

Abrahams showed no emotion as she was sentenced to a non-parole period of 16 years for murder and interfering with a corpse.

"Rot in hell!" someone in the public gallery yelled out as she was led away.


Ethnic crime: Muslim

The Syria war has already spilled into our streets, with bashings, shootings and arson as Sunnis and Shi’ites scuffle in Sydney and Melbourne.

Then there are the 15 Muslims jailed here over four big terrorist plots.

Radical preachers such as Sheik Taj El-Din al-Hilaly, imam at Lakemba mosque, Australia’s biggest, have meanwhile whipped up the hate by praising suicide bombers as “heroes”.

They have an audience: scores of angry Muslim men rioted in Sydney last year over ...


Multiculturalism failure: Australian al-Shabbab terrorists jailed

In December 2010 a jury found Wissam Fattal, Nayef El Sayed, and Saney Aweys, guilty of terrorism offences after a six-week trial in the Victorian Supreme Court.

Fattal Wissam Fattal

The three men were part ...


The enemy within: Australian al-Shabbab terrorists convicted

In December 2010 a jury found Wissam Fattal, Nayef El Sayed, and Saney Aweys, guilty of terrorism offences after a six-week trial in the Victorian Supreme Court.

The three men were part of an Islamic terrorist cell that planned to enter the Holsworthy army barracks in Sydney, armed with military weapons and shoot as many people as possible before they were killed or ran out of ammunition.

The men, who had all met at the Preston Mosque in Melbourne's north, were arrested in ...


The enemy within: al-Shabab in Australia

The al-Shabab terrorist group responsible for the Westgate shopping mall massacre in Nairobi has links with home-grown Australian terrorists.

In August 2009, Australian security agencies foiled an al-Shabab associated plot to attack Holsworthy Army Barracks in Sydney. Codenamed Operation Neath, the counterterrorism operation disrupted the mass-shooting plot in its early stages. Five men were charged, and three—Wissam Fattal (pictured), Saney Edow Aweys and Nayef el-Sayed—were ...


ABC's group think on climate change

Former ABC chairman, Maurice Newman warned of the global warming group think in the ABC:

In March 2010 as chairman, I addressed an in-house conference of 250 ABC leaders… I blamed group think and used climate change as an example…

Jonathon Holmes, the presenter of Media Watch, was so angry “he could not concentrate"… I was interviewed by PM and teased as to whether I was a “climate change denier or not as obvious as that?” .

I ...


Ethnic crime: Two more killed in Middle Eastern bikie gang war

On Monday July 29, 2013 two Middle Eastern males with links to bikie gangs and terrorists  were killed just kilometres - and minutes - apart, becoming the latest victims of Sydney's out-of-control gun violence.

The targeted attacks were reportedly linked to an ongoing lethal bikie turf war between the Comanchero and Hells Angels gangs.

Vasko Boskovski and Bassil Hijazi died in a hail of bullets in Sydney's southwest, the 20th and 21st person ...


Ethnic crime: Sudanese thugs bash and rob white youth in racist attack

A Sudanese woman who stole a mobile phone from a man who had been bashed unconscious by a male associate was ordered to undertake a Community Corrections Order to perform 100 hours of unpaid community work.

The County Court sitting at Mildura on 16 September 2013 was told that 18-year-old Agar Yak had been consuming wine with two co-accused Sudanese men for about five hours before the assault and theft took place.

Crown prosecutor David O’Doherty said Yak and the two men left ...


Domestic violence - women licensed to kill by Australian courts

Anna Marshall

On March 3, 2006, a woman who shot dead her husband from a "sniper's nest" at their central Victorian property walked free from an Australian court after being charged with the murder of her husband. Not only was it murder, it was, according to the prosecution, a cold-blooded and calculated execution.



30-second rapist acquitted


WA man acquitted of rape


Feminist influence in the courts: the diabolical episode of the 30-second rapist

Anna Marshall

Following pressure from feminist groups, the Western Australian parliament in 1985 dramatically amended the law relating to rape, first by changing the term rape to sexual assault and then greatly widening the definition of what could be classed as sexual assault. 

Many acts not previously constituting rape were included in the new Act. The criteria for sexual ...


Domestic violence: How to legally murder your husband

By Anna Marshall

On 4th March 2006, Claire Margaret McDonald gasped and burst into tears as a Victorian Supreme Court jury found her not guilty of the execution style murder of her husband, Warren John McDonald.

The court was told that McDonald had donned camouflage gear and lay in wait with a high-powered rifle for her husband to approach. ...


Global cooling: Arctic ice cap grows 60% in a year

A chilly Arctic summer has left nearly a million more square miles of ocean covered with ice than at the same time last year – an increase of 60 per cent. - mailonline 7 Sept 2013.

The rebound from 2012’s record low comes six years after the BBC reported that global warming would leave the Arctic ice-free in summer by 2013.

Instead, days before the annual autumn re-freeze is due to begin, an unbroken ice sheet more than half the size of Europe already ...


Judges soft on Aboriginal criminals

Judges sentence Aboriginals to 43% shorter jail terms than the rest of the population

If you are an Aboriginal felon then you can expect a jail term 42.8% shorter than a non- Aboriginal convicted for the same offence. The median aggregate sentence length for all offences for Aboriginals is 2 years, versus 3 years and 6 months for ...


Aboriginal teenager jailed for vicious attack on 88-year-old grandmother

On 27 August 2013, a 15-year–old Aboriginal boy was sent behind bars for seven years over a horrific attempted rape and beating he unleashed on an 88-year-old great-grandmother in her own home.

In sentencing the Aboriginal youth, Perth Children’s Court President Denis Reynolds described the attack as “disgusting", "cowardly" and the "worst" of its kind”.

The Aboriginal boy had broken into the 88-year-old woman’s Great ...


Aboriginals in racially-motivated attacks on whites

West Australian residents are used to seeing Aboriginal crime regularly portrayed in the nightly TV news.

Scenes of car chases and victims of muggings, rapes and bashings have become almost ho-hum.

But the escalation and savagery of Aboriginal attacks on whites in recent times have alarmed a complacent public.

Savage attack by Aboriginal leaves 89-year-old man brain-damaged and blind in one ...


Ethnic crime: Middle Eastern bikie gangs at war in Sydney

On Monday July 29, 2013 two Middle Eastern males with links to bikie gangs and terrorists  were killed just kilometres - and minutes - apart, becoming the latest victims of Sydney's out-of-control gun violence.

The targeted attacks were reportedly linked to an ongoing lethal bikie turf war between the Comanchero and Hells Angels gangs.

Vasko Boskovski and Bassil Hijazi died in a hail of bullets in Sydney's southwest, the 20th and 21st person ...


Media bias - ABC presenters demonstrate how to heckle a Liberal

Gerard Henderson analyses three recent ABC interviews with Coalition frontbenchers and concludes:

The Faine/Trioli/Kelly Lesson

In view of the unprofessional interviewing style to which some ABC presenters subject leading Coalition MPs, it is scarcely surprising if the likes of Tony Abbott decide that they could make ...


Journalists code of ethics - an oxymoron?

Most journalists belong to the Australian Journalists Association, a division of a trade union called the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA). Members are required to follow a code of ethics (shown in full below).

Alliance members engaged in journalism commit themselves to



James Delingpole on wind farms, fraud and electricity prices in Australia

SINCE 2007, household electricity prices in Australia have risen by more than 40 per cent and by next year are projected to rise by around about 30 per cent. Federal MP Alby Schultz says this is the "biggest government sponsored fraud in the history of our country".

Schultz was speaking to parliament about Big Wind, an industry so rife with "intimidation, manipulation, lies and cover-up" ...


Muslims flooding into Australia by illegal boat entry

THE arrival of more than 40,000 boat people in Australia's north since Labor unwound John Howard's border protection policies in late 2008 represents an alarming  threat to Australia's security as well as its social cohesion.

This boat people phenomenon is essentially a determined Muslim immigration, being part of the stealth jihad, with the vast majority of arrivals being from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

This huge, unregulated Islamic inflow is the greatest single ...


Western nations under threat from stealth jihad

In most Muslim countries the people are subjected to the totalitarian socio-political doctrine that Islam calls shariah, where women are repressed and draconian laws prevail. Under shariah, polygamy, marital rape, wife abuse, female genital mutilation and underage forced marriages are rife.

Translated as "the path", shariah is a comprehensive legal and ...


Prime Minister Cameron: Britain's successor to Neville Chamberlain

The day after the Woolwich murder, David Cameron condemned it a “betrayal of Islam” as he insisted Britain would stand resolute against terror attacks.

He was speaking after chairing a meeting of Whitehall’s Cobra emergency committee of ministers, police chiefs and senior figures in the security services.

Standing outside Downing Street on May 23 ,2013, the Prime Minister said: “This was not just an attack on Britain – and on our British way of life. It was also a betrayal of ...


"An Explanatory Memorandum" - the secret document revealing plans for the Islamic invasion of the West

The hitherto secret Muslim Botherhood document, "An Explanatory Memorandum" dated 22 May, 1991, was entered into evidence in the U.S. v Holy Land Foundation terrorist finance trial, and is a primary source document that provides new insights into global jihad organisations like the Muslim Brotherhood.

This document defines the structure and outline of domestic jihad threat entities and potential terrorist or insurgent support systems.

The Memorandum also describes ...


Western nations under threat from stealth jihad

In most Muslim countries the people are subjected to the totalitarian socio-political doctrine that Islam calls shariah, where women are repressed and draconian laws prevail. Under shariah, polygamy, marital rape, wife abuse, female genital mutilation and underage forced marriages are rife.

Translated as "the path", shariah is a comprehensive legal and ...


Woolwich murder: Islam shows its true face

"We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. You people will never be safe"

These revealing words by Michael Adebolajo, one the killers of soldier, Lee Rigby, casts light on the true nature of ...


Aboriginal riot in Sydney injures 40 police

Anna Marshall

Years of pandering to Aboriginals with massive welfare payments and special privileges while simultaneously fuelling their resentment by dwelling on past grievances, blew up in the faces of the social engineers, do-gooders and the politically correct elites on a hot February night in 2004 in the Aboriginal ghetto of Redfern when a horde of rampaging, rioting  Aboriginals torched the Redfern railway station and then set about ...


Cronulla riots: Lebanese Muslim gang behaviour incites riot

Martin Lehmann - 13 December 2005

The left-wing, politically correct mainstream media had a field day blackening Australia's reputation following the Cronulla riots.



The collateral damage from the war on drugs is too great

Elizabeth Krantz

One of the greatest threats to the quality of life and social stability in Western nations is the lawlessness and corruption caused by the prohibition of certain drugs. The prohibition, as in the US alcohol prohibition experience, has created a criminal class of armed, vicious thugs and their hordes of enforcers, traffickers, crooked lawyers, accountants, politicians and police, that threaten the very foundations of our democratic society.

Many ...


The great international governmental Ponzi scheme

These timely,important words from respected Australian banker and economist, Maurice Newman, should serve as an urgent wake-up call to both politicians and the voting public.

IN a bright start to the new year we are reading that the global economic outlook is improving. Setbacks are transitory. The fiscal cliff is ...


A suburb I used to know

History teacher Peter Roberts grew up in Greenacre, scene of yet another shooting involving men of Middle Eastern background

Gunned down: Police investigate the Wilbur Street shooting.

Gunned down: Police investigate the Wilbur Street shooting. 

Wilbur Street, Greenacre? I remember it well. I remember riding my bike around Wilbur ...


ABC bias

This piece from Andrew Bolt on 4 May 2013 is a clear demonstration of ABC bias, a bias that ABC executives and journalists seem blissfully unaware of.

ABC managing director Mark Scott on Rafael Epstein’s show once again plays too cute about the overwhelmingly Leftist bias he’s presided over - in breach of the ABC’s charter ...


Domestic violence - sadistic female killer Katherine Knight

The media constantly trumpet the radical feminist line that males are violent killers, responsible for the majority of domestic viiolence.The story of sadistic killer Katherine Mary Knight may redress this imbalance somewhat.

On 29 February 2000, in what must truly be Australia's most gruesome case of domestic violence, mother of four, Katherine Mary Knight cold-bloodedly ...


The rise of Middle Eastern crime in Australia

Former NSW detective Tim Priest was one of the front-line cops who lead the war against crime in the drug-ridden streets of Cabramatta. Yet he found himself waging his biggest battle not against the drug gangs but against the very organisation he worked for. Eventually, he could stand it no longer and spoke out about the politics and bureaucratic bungling, chronic lack of resources and crazy policy decisions that ...


Drug decriminalization in Portugal

Drugs in Portugal: Did Decriminalization Work?

By Maia Szalavitz Sunday, Apr. 26, 2009  TIME SCIENCE

Pop quiz: Which European country has the most liberal drug laws? (Hint: It's not the Netherlands.)

Although its capital is notorious among stoners and college kids ...


Welfarism, social engineering and political correctness

There is no greater example of the culturally corrosive power of the combination of welfarism, social engineering and political  correctness than the terrible evil that this deadly trio has wrought on Australia's Aboriginal population.

Billions of taxpayers' dollars are lavished on keeping many Aboriginals in remote outback locations. There is no industry to employ them so they are given "sit-down" money. Instead of going to work, the days are ...


China's military build-up

China's military power

Modernisation in sheep's clothing

Aug 26th 2011, 7:57 by J.M. | BEIJING  The Economist

THE good news, as suggested by  the Pentagon's latest annual report on China's military power, is that Chinese leaders are still eager to avoid confrontation with other powers and focus on beefing up the economy. The bad news, it ...


Bolt trial: free speech under threat

White "Aborigines" use Racial Discrimination Act to stifle criticism. 

Andrew Bolt's show trial.

What do these women have in common?


Bess Price: why this deadly silence when our women are dying?

Bess PriceNorthern Territory MP Bess Price, one of a number of Aboriginal conservatives now being heard, made this brilliant, brave and shocking speech in the NT Legislative Assembly.

I urge you to read it. Learn of the new racism that shields those who bash, rape and kill Aboriginal women and children in particular, and which punishes those, like Bess, who speak out against it:

Within the last four months, two more young mothers related to me were killed in Alice Springs Town Camp. One was injured mortally in the public, in front of several families. Nobody acted to protect her. Dozens of my female relatives have been killed this way. Convictions usually lead to light sentences. I was told by a senior lawyer that no jury in Alice Springs will convict an Aboriginal person for murder if the victim is also Aboriginal and he or she is only stabbed once.


Geert Wilders: No surprise the Boston bombers were fans of the sheik

NO, I was not surprised when the Tsarnaev brothers, the terrorists involved in last week's Boston bombing, turned out to be Islamic radicals. And neither am I surprised that they are fans of Australian Islamic cleric Sheik Feiz Mohammed.


Global warming -

"Global warming-at least the modern nightmare version - is a myth. I am sure of it and so are a growing number of scientists. But what is really worrying is that the world's politicians and policy makers are not" - David Bellamy, Daily Mail, July 9, 2004

Nor are the world's media. Maybe it's because end-of-the-world stories make good headlines.


Global warming an unproven hypothesis

Anna Marshall

This is a brief outline of how the global warming controversy started and where it is going. The warmists claim that there is scientific consensus on global warming. But science is not based on consensus. Advancements in science are based on the application of the scientific method.

 Although there are some variations, it is generally accepted that  the scientific method ...


GetUp exposed: George Soros' tentacles reach into Australia

The left-wing activist group, GetUp claims it is “an independent grass-roots community advocacy organisation.” 

GetUp’s founders David Madden and Jeremey Heimans are heavily involved  in a number of similar  US and global left-wing activist groups, each of which is tied to the shadowy billionaire, George Soros (pictured).



Global warming according to James Delingpole

The Man Made Global Warming industry is a crock, a scam on an epic scale, fed by the world’s biggest outbreak of mass hysteria, stoked by politicians dying for an excuse to impose more tax and regulation on us while being seen to “care” about an issue of pressing urgency, fuelled by the shrill lies and tear-jerking propaganda of activists possessed of no understanding of the real world other than a chippy instinctive hatred of capitalism, given a veneer of ...

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