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Germans told to stockpile food and water in case of 'catastrophe scenario' - is an Islamic State attack imminent?

Islamic State planning ‘nuclear holocaust’ to wipe hundreds of millions from the face of the earth.

ISIS nuclear

So claimed Jurgen Todenhofer, the first Western reporter to embed (for ten days) with Islamic State (IS) fighters and not be killed in the process, as he discussed his observations of the terror group with Al Jazeera in January 2015.

The German journalist claimed the terror group wants to launch a 'nuclear tsunami' against the west and anyone else that opposes their plans for an Islamic caliphate.

Todenhofer expanded upon his observations of IS in his book, Inside IS: Ten Days In The Islamic State, which was published in April 2015.

Mr Todenhöfer went on to say that ISIS have plans for mass genocide, with the aim of eradicating all atheists and religions that are not 'people of the book' or who do not subscribe to their particular brand of Islam.

'The IS want to kill... all non-believers and apostates and enslave their women and children. All Shiites, Yazidi, Hindus, atheists and polytheists should be killed,' he wrote.

'Hundreds of millions of people are to be eliminated in the course of this religious 'cleansing'.

He warned that the terror organisation is far more 'dangerous and organised' than people in the West realises. 

He said the West has 'no concept of the threat it faces' from the Islamic State and has underestimated the risk posed by ISIS 'dramatically'.

'This is the largest religious cleansing strategy that has ever been planned in human history,' the journalist added. [1]

Have German intelligence agencies warned the government of an impending Islamic State attack of this nature?

European media, including the BBC, have been reporting since 23 August of the German government's warning for people  to stockpile emergency supplies.

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, Germany has told its citizens to stockpile emergency food, water and other supplies [including medicines, warm blankets, coal, wood, candles, torches, batteries, matches, and reserves of cash] in their homes in the event of a catastrophe or terrorist attack. According to the 69-page “Concept for Civil Defence” document, Germans will have to stock enough food for ten days and enough water for five days.


Jihad apologists

Keysar Trad

Keysar Trad

Whenever there is an Islamic atrocity or Muslims are shown in a bad light, the founder of the Islamic Friendship Association, Keysar Trad bobs up to announce that “Islam is a religion ...


Cheese eating surrender monkeys - France capitulates to the Islamists

"Cheese eating surrender monkeys" - The Simpsons Groundskeeper Willie's famous words are an apt summing up of the situation in France following latest Jihadist atrocities. The French authorities, from the president down, together with the majority of the French populace, have capitulated to the Islamist threat.

"They have guns but we have flowers"

Several weeks have passed since Islamist attackers bloodied Paris. France's President François Hollande is describing the killers as just "a horde of murderers" acting in the name of a "mad cause." He adds that "France has no enemy." He never uses the word "terrorism." He no longer says the word "war."

From the beginning, pacifism and appeasement filled the air. A German pianist came to play John Lennon's Imagine in front of the Bataclan Theater; since then, other pianists have come. On the Place de la République, people assemble every evening to sing more songs by the Beatles: All You Need Is Love; Love Me Do. Candles are lit, and banners deployed, calling for "universal brotherhood."

In a widely circulated video, a man tries to reassure his child. "They have guns," he mutters, "but we have flowers."

"The endpoint of war is to bring about an amenable state of mind in the enemy"

The following extracts from a story by Guy Milliere writing for the Gatestone Insitute illustrate the amenable state of mind of the French government and the French people.

  • Those invited to speak on TV about what happened allude to "senseless acts." They do not blame anyone.

  • Some spoke of "resistance," but to them, resistance meant listening to music. To others, it meant having a drink with friends in a bar.

  • Heart-shaped stickers are posted on mosques. Words such as "We love you" and "We share your pain" are written on the hearts.


Australian Liberty Alliance the only political party to tackle the threat of Islam

Bernard  Gaynor
ALA Senate candidate Bernard Gaynor

Australian Liberty Alliance Senate candidate, Bernard Gaynor, opened his campaign with a cracker of a speech at a meeting on the Gold Coast on November 24.

At last Australia has a political party that truly understands the threat to our society and our culture from Islam.

This was an amazing speech that will give comfort to so many Australians who despair at the wilful blindness and downright stupidity of our ruling elites who refuse to tackle or even acknowledge the Islamic threat.

The Australian Liberty Alliance threatens to shake up the Australian political landscape. 

Key points from the speech:

  • Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull is ill-equipped and unprepared to protect Australia and Australians from the Islamic threat.

  • Millions of taxpayer dollars being spent on Islamic organisations and causes, including legal fees of Islamists facing terrorism charges.

  • Even the Australian military has buckled to the Islamic onslaught, by appointing Sheikh Mohammadu Saleem as the military's first imam. This is the same Sheikh who called for the implementation of Sharia law in Australia and who supports  Hizb ut Tahrir, an extremist Islamic group that rejects our values, our laws, our flag and our anthem and has called for  a world-wide caliphate.

  • The ALA will stop Islamic immigration.

  • The ALA will axe the halal certicication tax
  • The ALA will put an end to the construction of dangerous new mosques and Islamic schools.

  • The ALA is not a single issue party.

  • It aims to sell SBS to the highest bidder and promises to put a broom through the ABC. It will address flaws in our education system and it believes in reform of the tax system.

Below is the full text of Bernard Gaynor's landmark speech.


Sweden close to collapse

Sweden is facing collapse thanks to the recent huge influx of migrants into the country, the Swedish foreign minister has said.

As 190,000 migrants pour into Sweden in 2015 alone, law and order is beginning to break down as the country plays witness to numerous arson attacks, stabbings and gang rapes.


Sweden: rape capital of the world

 In 1975, the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the former homogeneous Sweden into a multicultural country. Forty years later the dramatic consequences of this experiment emerge: violent crime has increased by 300%.

If one looks at the number of rapes, however, the increase is even worse. In 1975, 421 rapes were reported to the police; in 2014 it was 6,620.  That is an ...


Syrian woman killed in Germany by her family for being 'unclean' after being gang-raped

Muslim honour killing Rokstan M 20-year old Rokstan M stabbed to death, allegedly by her father and brothers. In the Muslim tradition of honour ...


Aid to Indonesia


... low level diplomacy out of Indo


EXPOSED! World’s largest Islamic charity a front for terrorism

Islamic Relief logo

 Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) was in November 2014 designated a terrorist group by the UAE, the second Middle Eastern country to do so. In June 2014, Israel declared IRW a financial conduit to Hamas, and it was banned from Israel and the West Bank.


We're losing the war against radical Islam

by Newt Gingrich
 ISIS fighter
Congress needs a strategy to defeat both violent and cultural jihad.
There are three key, sobering observations about where we are today which should force this thorough, no-holds-barred review of our situation.
These three points — which are backed up by the facts — suggest the United States is drifting into a crisis that could challenge our very survival.
First, it is the case that after 35 years of conflict dating back to the Iranian seizure of the American embassy in Tehran and the ensuing hostage crisis, the United States and its allies are losing the long, global war with radical Islamists.
We are losing to both the violent jihad and to the cultural jihad.
The violent jihad has shown itself recently in Paris, Australia, Tunisia, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Gaza, Nigeria, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Yemen, to name just some of the most prominent areas of violence.


Multiculturalism fails in France - civil war predicted

By Martin Lehmann

France has some 751 no-go zones. The French government labels them sensitive urban zones. But what they are are dangerous to whites and non-Muslims who enter. Some of the no-go zones function like micro-states, and are governed by sharia law.

A leading French intellectual says it means where the police don't go, the firemen don't go and even the doctors and ambulances don't ...


German television's mass deception

The account below by Pierre Gosselin analyses how German public television broadcaster ZDF perpetrates the deception of the world leaders in their pretend Charlie Hebdo march. As you watch the video, key elements of the deception are translated below.

By P Gosselin on 17. January 2015

Never the trust the media, let alone political leaders.

When they tell us global warming is real while sea ice at the poles is at normal levels and snow is falling ...


Cowardly world leaders march up safe side street instead of with Charlie Hebdo marchers

Mass deception and cowardice of the political elites

The mainstream media breathlessly reported on the bravery and solidarity of world leaders marching in the Charlie Hebdo protests.


This is how Piers Morgan reported it for the notoriously left-wing Daily Mail Australia:

It was one of the most powerful images of solidarity the world has seen since the end of World War II.

A million and a half people marching through the streets of Paris, some crying, many cheering, others chanting ‘Je suis Charlie!’ or singing La Marseillaise – that most spine-tingling of all national anthems.

At the head of the march were 50 world leaders; the Prime Ministers of France, Britain, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Turkey and Israel stood side-by-side, arm-in-arm with the German chancellor, the Palestinian president, and the Queen of Jordan. 

It was a fantastically moving spectacle as they all nudged forward, foot by foot, through the vast throng crowds.

Great story - except it wasn't true.

The wide-angle picture below reveals the truth.


The reality is the world leaders gathered in a deserted side-street for a photo-op. If you look at the video you will see the leaders looking left and right as if to acknowledge the crowds hanging out of windows. But look again at the top picture. There is not a soul to be seen hanging out of the windows in the deserted street. And it certainly wasn't the Place de la Republique where the real march took place.

The few rows behind the leaders were made up of dignitaries and security people.

Pure theatre for the benefit of a compliant news media.

If you don't believe me, then scan the various videos of the event. The leaders video has been cleverly spliced on to the marchers video, but you will never see the leaders actually leading the march.


Geert Wilders: Islam’s War Against the Free West

Geert Wilders’ speech at an event sponsored by the Freedom Center at the Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

Before I continue, let me tell you something about my life as a European politician.

I am not a President, nor a Governor, nor even a member of Cabinet, just a member of Congress. For over ten years now, I have been living under 24/7 police protection. I lived with my wife in army barracks, prison cells and safe houses until this very day, just to be safe.

Wherever I go, armed policemen accompany me to protect me against Islamic jihadis. Al Qaida, the Taliban, ISIS and many others threatened to kill me because I tell the truth about Islam and speak out against the Islamization of our free Western societies.

In Europe we have made a terrible mistake. During the past decades, our politicians foolishly allowed millions of Islamic immigrants to settle within our borders. Everywhere the Islamic culture was welcomed as an enrichment. Nowhere was the demand made that the immigrants assimilate.

Not a single European leader had the guts to state the obvious and tell the truth: Our Western culture based on Christianity, Judaism and Humanism, is far superior to the Islamic culture and immigrants have to adopt our values.

 And now, we in Europe are paying the price for this folly. Islam is eating away our Judeo-Christian and humanist civilization and replacing it with intolerance, hatred and violence. And our so-called leaders allow it.


Halal-free products: support these suppliers and products

This is a list of some of the better known Halal-free products.

Dick Smith logo

Aussie icon, Dick Smith's products are all Halal-free.

Other products that are not Halal certified

  • Arnotts' products
  • Avon Valley beef
  • Ballantyne chocolates
  • Berri

Click on 'read more' for more products


Halal Certified Products - avoid these suppliers and products

KFC rolls are Halal certified

These suppliers are paying the Islamic tax known as Halal Certification. By buying their products you are contributing to the construction of mosques and Islamic schools as well as providing support for Jihadists.

This is a list of some of the better known Halal certified products. For a complete list, go to:    Kirralie Smith is the creator of the halal choices website, shopping guide book and phone app and an expert on halal certification of foods and supermarkets in Australia. Support her valuable website by making a donation.


  • Abbot Village Bakery
  • Browne's milk
  • Cadbury products
  • Kraft Vegemite
  • Kellogg's All Bran
  • Ingham Chickens
  • Steggles chicken

For more of the list, click on 'Read  more'


Halal Certification: How the West is financing its own destruction


Halal Certification finances terrorism

A number of Muslim organisations run a Mafia-style protection racket in Western countries called Halal certification - certifying the food is permissible under Islamic shariah law.  Halal certification schemes are widely imposed on non-Muslims. Certification schemes began in the 1980s and are funded by consumers through a multi-level system of one off and recurring fees, paid by suppliers to Islamic organisations. It is in effect a hidden Islamic tax on goods and services.

The  Muslim organisations use the standover tactics of threatening boycotts of the suppliers products if they resist paying the protection money.



A vote for Labor is a vote for Islam

Although just 2.2 per cent of the population, Australia’s organised Islamic minority is exerting a disproportionate and worrying influence on Australia's Federal parliament.

At least 15 Federal seats are now in the hands of Islamic voters with populations of between 5 per cent and 22.67 per cent with many more seats likely to swing on the Islamic vote.

Australia's Grand Mufti, Ibrahim Abu Mohammad, (pictured) in a successful attempt to influence who sits in Australia's Parliament, in an email to Labor MPs, said Islam had worked hard to retain a Labor government.


British Jihadist Threatens Beheadings In Trafalgar Square

A British extremist has taken to twitter to say an Islamic State would capture Downing Street and hold executions in Trafalgar Square. Abu Dugam al-Britani, has issued a series of chilling warnings of a “holy war” in Britain, according to the Daily Mirror.

Al-Britani is believed to be fighting for ISIS in Syria, and it is thought his real name is Abu Rahin ...


Geert Wilders in Melbourne

Below is the prepared text of the speech given by Geert Wilders in Melbourne, Australia:

Speech by Geert Wilders
Melbourne, Australia
Tuesday February 19, 2013

Dear friends,

Finally, I am here.

I am very happy to be in your beautiful and magnificent country, Australia.

400 years ago, the Dutch were the first Europeans to discover Australia. They named this land after their own and ...


Police raid Islamic college following allegations of serious fraud against the federal government

ONE of Australia's best-known Islamic colleges (AIC) has been raided by police and government investigators on suspicion its three campuses have rorted the student subsidies payable for non-government schools.

The Australian Islamic College's campuses at Kewdale in Perth's south and Dianella and Thornlie in the city's north were raided at 9am (ACDT) yesterday by 28 fraud squad officers and 10 investigators from the Federal Department of Education, Science and Training investigations ...


Muslim school officials siphon off millions of dollars from the government to fund Islamic lobby groups

The story (below) from The Australian reveals some disturbing ramifications of the  Islamic  Civilisation Jihad of the Western world.

Firstly, many Muslims consider it only natural to extract money out of the infidels (all of us tax paying non-Muslims) because they consider we should be paying the tribute, called jizya to the Muslims, to which they believe they are divinely ...


The enemy within: Australian al-Shabbab terrorists convicted

In December 2010 a jury found Wissam Fattal, Nayef El Sayed, and Saney Aweys, guilty of terrorism offences after a six-week trial in the Victorian Supreme Court.

The three men were part of an Islamic terrorist cell that planned to enter the Holsworthy army barracks in Sydney, armed with military weapons and shoot as many people as possible before they were killed or ran out of ammunition.

The men, who had all met at the Preston Mosque in Melbourne's north, were arrested in ...


Muslims flooding into Australia by illegal boat entry

THE arrival of more than 40,000 boat people in Australia's north since Labor unwound John Howard's border protection policies in late 2008 represents an alarming  threat to Australia's security as well as its social cohesion.

This boat people phenomenon is essentially a determined Muslim immigration, being part of the stealth jihad, with the vast majority of arrivals being from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

This huge, unregulated Islamic inflow is the greatest single ...


Western nations under threat from stealth jihad

In most Muslim countries the people are subjected to the totalitarian socio-political doctrine that Islam calls shariah, where women are repressed and draconian laws prevail. Under shariah, polygamy, marital rape, wife abuse, female genital mutilation and underage forced marriages are rife.

Translated as "the path", shariah is a comprehensive legal and ...


Prime Minister Cameron: Britain's successor to Neville Chamberlain

The day after the Woolwich murder, David Cameron condemned it a “betrayal of Islam” as he insisted Britain would stand resolute against terror attacks.

He was speaking after chairing a meeting of Whitehall’s Cobra emergency committee of ministers, police chiefs and senior figures in the security services.

Standing outside Downing Street on May 23 ,2013, the Prime Minister said: “This was not just an attack on Britain – and on our British way of life. It was also a betrayal of ...


"An Explanatory Memorandum" - the secret document revealing plans for the Islamic invasion of the West

The hitherto secret Muslim Botherhood document, "An Explanatory Memorandum" dated 22 May, 1991, was entered into evidence in the U.S. v Holy Land Foundation terrorist finance trial, and is a primary source document that provides new insights into global jihad organisations like the Muslim Brotherhood.

This document defines the structure and outline of domestic jihad threat entities and potential terrorist or insurgent support systems.

The Memorandum also describes ...


Western nations under threat from stealth jihad

In most Muslim countries the people are subjected to the totalitarian socio-political doctrine that Islam calls shariah, where women are repressed and draconian laws prevail. Under shariah, polygamy, marital rape, wife abuse, female genital mutilation and underage forced marriages are rife.

Translated as "the path", shariah is a comprehensive legal and ...


Woolwich murder: Islam shows its true face

"We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. You people will never be safe"

These revealing words by Michael Adebolajo, one the killers of soldier, Lee Rigby, casts light on the true nature of ...


Geert Wilders: No surprise the Boston bombers were fans of the sheik

NO, I was not surprised when the Tsarnaev brothers, the terrorists involved in last week's Boston bombing, turned out to be Islamic radicals. And neither am I surprised that they are fans of Australian Islamic cleric Sheik Feiz Mohammed.