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Green fascism

Sea Shepherd's violent history

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society


“We’re not a protest organization, we’re a policing organization,” Paul Watson has said of his Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS). A pirate organization is more like it. Sporting the skull and crossbones, his black or battleship-gray ships sail menacingly through the waves. They are painted with the names of the boats Watson has rammed and ...


Shark cull mass hysteria in Western Australia

Sea Shepherd Australia and the Greens publicity stunt creates mass hysteria in Western Australia

In Western Australia, seven fatal shark attacks in three years have given many beach lovers and surfers serious concerns about entering the water. Attendances at popular beaches, such as Cotteloe, have dropped by as much as two thirds, according to some estimates.

Not so long ago, the water off Cottesloe beach was full of early morning ...