Cultural destruction
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Cultural destruction

James Delingpole: education and cultural Marxism

In the Spectator recently, my old friend Toby Young described a dilemma which all those of us right-wing persuasion must face up to in the end: should you soften your position in order to find some common ground with people whose stupid political ideology you loathe and despise? Or should you stay true to your principles and risk being marginalised as, at best, unreasonable and, at worst, as a fruitcake, a crank, a dangerous extremist?

How the social engineers of the Left and the Greens are perverting Australia's culture

In an important article in The Australian, Nick Cater exposes the left-wing zealots in the education system who are corrupting Australia's education system under the noses of parents and society in general. Through stealth the Left-wing academics and teachers unions have taken over the national curriculum. Instead of focusing on teaching literacy and numeracy, the 699 page Australian Curriculum stresses concepts such as ...

Australian curriculum beyond saving

Australian curriculum beyond saving NICK CATER The Australian January 14, 2014 12:00AM

Welfarism, social engineering and political correctness

There is no greater example of the culturally corrosive power of the combination of welfarism, social engineering and political  correctness than the terrible evil that this deadly trio has wrought on Australia's Aboriginal population. Billions of taxpayers' dollars are lavished on keeping many Aboriginals in remote outback locations. There is no industry to employ them so they are given "sit-down" money. Instead of going to work, the days ...