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Australian Liberty Alliance launches new political party in Australia

 Geert Wilders




















Australian Liberty Alliance to represent "ordinary Australians"

I was privileged to attend the launch of a new political party that will surely change the political landscape in Australia.

Amid tight security we were driven by buses to a secret location outside Perth Metropolitan area.

The guest of honour was one of the most high-profile political figures in the Western world, leader of the PVV, the most popular political party in the Netherlands, Dutch parliamentarian, Geert Wilders.


Analysis of Pauline Hanson's maiden speech in federal parliament

Martin Lehmann - 8 September, 2003

This is the speech that drove the ruling elites and left-wing media into paroxysms of self-righteous  fury. The Murdoch, Fairfax and Packer journalists, together with the politically correct zealots from the ABC and SBS seized on these words, twisted them into a parody of lies, deceit and slander to launch one of the most defamatory, vicious and scurrilous attacks on the character of a person ever seen in ...


Pauline Hanson's maiden speech in federal parliament

The speech that struck at the heart of political correctness and challenged the authority of the ruling elites

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Pauline Hanson: Vicious media attacks frighten off politicians

John Howard conned by the media

Martin Lehmann - 14 March 1999

John Howard is too weak to stand up to the media. Their anti-Hanson onslaught has reduced Howard to a quivering blob of ...


Pauline Hanson: Australian media a threat to democracy

Martin Lehmann - 1 February 2001

One million Australian voters were dis-enfranchised at the last Federal election due to blatant media interference in the democratic process.

The One Nation party received one million votes but did not get one member elected in the House of Representatives. 

With the looming WA state election, the media has again demonstrated its dangerous ...


The political assassination of Pauline Hanson

Kerry Packer, Rupert Murdoch, Terry Sharples, Tony Abbott and Patsy Wolfe – these names will forever live in infamy in Australian politics as Pauline Hanson’s assassins.  

From the time Ms Hanson broke the journalists' taboo on discussing Aboriginal welfare and Asian immigration the Packer and Murdoch journalists have attacked her with a savage, unrelenting fury.

When the Liberal Party realised Ms Hanson threatened the comfortable duopoly of the major parties it despatched ...