Western Civilization Under Siege
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Western Civilization Under Siege

Important new book from Kenneth Schultz

Book cover

Under the sub-heading, The Assault on the Western Mind is a montage of faces representing what the author considers to be eight of the most critical players in reshaping and undermining the culture and philosophy of Western civilization. Who are they?

The book asks the question: is it too late to save the greatest civilization in history?

The following is from the back cover:

In Western Civilization Under Siege, Kenneth Schultz exposes the existential threats to Western nations, and indeed Western civilization.

Schultz puts forward powerful arguments that some of these threats, if not taken seriously and dealt with accordingly, will ultimately usher in the end of the freedoms and lifestyles enjoyed by the citizens of many Western countries, and ultimately the end of Western civilization.

The book is unique in that it covers the multitude of threats facing the West, including:

  • Creeping Islamization by the implementaition of sharia law
  •  Financial collapse of hugely indebted nations living beyond their means
  • An apocalyptic EMP  (electromagnetic pulse) attack
  • Creeping cultural Marxism infesting Western universities and education systems
  • An increasingly aggressive China
  • The ruinous financial consequences of the greens and the elite’s  global warming scare campaign
  • The erosion of freedom of speech
  • Supranational  bodies aiming to create a world government run by unelected elites

 “The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive” – Donald J. Trump

 You can download a free pdf copy of the book here



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