Welfarism, social engineering and political correctness
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Welfarism, social engineering and political correctness

There is no greater example of the culturally corrosive power of the combination of welfarism, social engineering and political  correctness than the terrible evil that this deadly trio has wrought on Australia's Aboriginal population.

Billions of taxpayers' dollars are lavished on keeping many Aboriginals in remote outback locations. There is no industry to employ them so they are given "sit-down" money. Instead of going to work, the days are spent sitting around, talking, playing cards and consuming alcohol. Strictly enforced political correctness has for a long time prevented reporting and exposure of this cultural destruction.

After more than thirty years of such madness, this once proud and resourceful race has been largley reduced to a dysfunctional, unemployable, drunken, brutal and broken people. Many of the urban Aboriginals and Mulattos (persons of mixed black and white parentage) have also succumbed to these destructive influences.

The articles in the section Aboriginal Affairs give some idea of the violence and degradation of the Aboriginal people.


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