Rape of babies, brain-damaged petrol sniffers, Aboriginal genocide - the result of political correctness
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Rape of babies, brain-damaged petrol sniffers, Aboriginal genocide - the result of political correctness

Anna Marshall

The public, media and law enforcement authorities are at last awakening to the magnitude of the catastrophic destruction of Aboriginal society in Australia.

There are almost daily reports in the media of baby rape, such as the case of Gerhadt Max Inkamala, 21, who took his sleeping seven-month-old cousin from a bedroom and raped her near Alice Springs. The girl's injuries were so horrific that they could have been fatal due to the amount of blood lost. She required surgery. 

ThBaby rape victimis Aboriginal toddler (pictured) was just 17 months old when she was taken from her Cape York community in the middle of the night and brutally raped by an Aboriginal man, Ronderson Coglan. The little girl required internal stiches and a colostomy bag and will never be able to have children of her own.

A petrol-sniffing youth followed a six-year-old to a creek, where he began anally raping her while her head was under water. Other children threw stones at him, but he persisted. The child drowned.

Aboriginal communities are awash with horrific stories of murder, rape, gang violence, robbery, wife-bashing , drug and alcohol abuse and petrol sniffing.

People from other countries may find it incredible that Aboriginal society has sunk to such depravity.

This shocking depravity and genocide is ultimately the handiwork of the politically correct do-gooders, bleeding hearts, academics, lawyers, judges, politicians and the left-wing media.

For three decades the do-gooders have been building up a victim mentality in Aboriginals with distorted stories of invasion, dispossession, "stolen generations", land rights and "sorry" statements.

A prime mover of the Aboriginal genocide was left-wing loony, H.C. ("Nugget") Coombes who agitated for Aboriginals to opt out of the decadent capitalist society and live in some starry-eyed utopia living off the land. Governments fell for Coombes' lunacy, ending the process of assimilation of Aboriginals into European  society. Governments began handing out vast tracts of land to Aboriginal groups in the hope they would somehow become self-sufficient.

A phalanx of judges and lawyers eagerly drove the great land giveaway process until today Aboriginal groups own eleven per cent of the land mass of Australia, including a phenomenal fifty per cent of the Northern Territory.

Another stupidly misguided bleeding-heart, former High Court judge Sir Ronald Wilson presided over a self-serving enquiry into the forcible removal of half-caste children from their parents. In one of the most biased and distorted reports from a government agency in Australia's history from a person of his legal training, Wilson launched a scurrilous attack on the government policies, branding the removed children as a "stolen generation". Wilson even used the term "genocide" in relation to the policy.

Naturally, the black aristocracy and the bleeding-hearts seized on Wilson's findings. Aboriginal alienation and victim hood were reinforced. Henceforth no government agency dared remove an Aboriginal child from its parents regardless of the circumstances.

If only Wilson could have realised that his egregious actions actually contributed to Aboriginal genocide.

Political correctness, screams of "racist" and a system of permits to enter the vast Aboriginal lands have conspired to produce an impenetrable black curtain, behind which the most abominable depravity is visited upon Aboriginal people.  The Aboriginal aristocracy uses the black curtain to strictly control who enters their part of Australia.

It is time that Aboriginal people and the Australian public put the blame for Aboriginal destruction squarely at the feet of people like Coombes and Wilson, the do-gooders and bleeding hearts, the left-wing media and black megalomaniacs. Only then can the genocide of the Aboriginal people be reversed.


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