Racist murder - white father of five bashed to death on Christmas day by Aboriginal mob
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Racist murder - white father of five bashed to death on Christmas day by Aboriginal mob

Elizabeth Krantz - 3 January 2008

Bill RoweIn a situation reminiscent of the racist murder of Andrew Farrugia, and the racist murder of Leon Robinson, a 49-year-old father of five was enjoying a game of beach cricket with his family at the  coastal town of Geraldton 425 km north of Perth in Western Australia when he was attacked by a large group of Aboriginals and bashed to death with his own cricket bat.

Bill Rowe (pictured), a well-known and respected farmer from the small farming community of Yalgoo, two hour's drive east of  Geraldton was enjoying a game of beach cricket with his family at Geraldton's Sunset Beach late in the afternoon on Christmas Day when  a group of Aboriginals spoiling for a fight with white people arrived and began harassing the family groups, rummaging through eskies and stealing alcohol. Intimidated, some families packed up and left. 

The police began to receive phone calls from family groups reporting the disturbances, thievery and intimidation. 

The mob turned their attention to the Rowe family, who believing they had safety in numbers, told the group of about five Aboriginals to stop taking drinks out of their esky. 

The gutless thugs left but returned a short time later with about 20 others and attacked the Rowe family with bottles, rocks and sticks. Rowe family members again urgently phoned the police.

When Bill Rowe's future son-in-law, Luke Neil, 29, told them to get out his esky, he was viciously attacked. Mr Neil's face needed 35 stitches after it was slashed with a broken beer bottle. The attack  also left him with a broken jaw and broken collarbone.  

"You white cunts are in for a bashing"

As the family members were bundling Mr Neil into a car to take him to hospital the mob closed in around them hurling abuse. A woman in the group yelled, "you white cunts are in for a bashing".

As Bill Rowe was trying to protect Mr Neil from further attack he was bashed with his own cricket bat and collapsed unconscious.

Mr Rowe and Mr Neil were taken to Geraldton Regional Hospital, where Mr Rowe died at 2.30 am. His family was by his bedside when his life support was turned off.

The police never arrived until the Rowe family had left. By that time the gutless mob had disappeared.

McDonald familyMatthew Roy McDonald, 21, of no fixed address, has been charged with causing grievous bodily harm in relation to Mr Rowe's death. Two boys - aged 14 and 16 - were subsequently charged with the attack on Mr Neil.

McDonald's uncle (pictured) faced the media claiming the taxpayer-funded Aboriginal Legal Service will make a formal statement in a few days.

Like most of the black on white violence, the perpetrators are half-castes or part Aboriginals. They are as much European as Aboriginal but prefer to identify with the Aboriginal grievance industry. They are not residents of outback camps. They are urban Eurabs (European-Aboriginals). They live in the suburbs along with the whites but seem to have a deep resentment of the white side of their background.

Acting Assistant Police Commissioner Fred Gere (pictured) flew to Geraldton to take charge of the investigation and to defend the police's pathetically slow response to the emergency phone calls.

Mr Gere reluctantly admitted that police had received a "significant number" of phone calls on the 000 emergency number reporting the disturbances at the beach.

A faster police response time would have saved Mr Rowe's life. Mr

Gere asserted that the attacks were not racially motivated, but simply an argument between families.

 Baloney! Just note the Aboriginal woman's threats above as reported in the West Australian on December 28.

On 20 October 2013 Matthew Roy McDonald was sentenced to five years jail for the murder. The court heard that as the Rowe family left the beach for their cars, Mr Rowe, carrying the family dog, walked up to McDonald to ask him to hand him the family’s cricket bat that he had taken.

McDonald then swung the bat, striking Mr Rowe across the face, fracturing his skull and forcing him to the ground.

He died the next day in hospital from severe head injuries.

Aboriginal crime out of control

Aboriginal violence and crime is out of control in Geraldton as indeed it is in every town in WA with a large Aboriginal population.

Channel 7s Today Tonight ran an interview on December 28 with a former Geraldton resident who left town because it was so dangerous.

Norm Parson, 77, left Geraldton and moved to Adelaide three years ago because he feared for his life in Geraldton. Mr Parson related how his windows frequently rattled from home-made bombs, water meters were smashed and trees and plants vandalised.

"You could be sitting at a table outside a restaurant", Mr Parson said, "they would sit down and spit in your food. If you objected, you got your face bashed into your food".

"I was born and bred in Geraldton, but it got too scary and dangerous. I had to leave for my own safety", Mr Parson said.

Another resident, Joanna Olsen told how she had witnessed vicious gang attacks. "They roam around in gangs looking for trouble. It is always a 20 to 1 situation where they gang  up on a single person who doesn't stand a chance", she said. 

Rampant political correctness

In a cowardly surrender to political correctness, not once was the word "Aboriginal" mentioned in the Channel 7 story, the perpetrators just being referred to as "they" or "the gangs". 

It is normal practice for the politically correct authorities to deny any racial motivation when an Aboriginal attacks a white person.

If a white man attacks a person of any other race, the authorities and media go into overdrive slamming Australians' racist attitudes.

Read our story on the so-called "Cronulla riots" to glimpse the bias of the mainstream media in slandering  Australians over their "racism".

In our politically correct world it seems that only white people are racists.

Update - McDonald faces court over the murder of Bill Rowe

McDonald was well known by the courts when this killing took place. In 2006 he was involved in a violent bashing and was found guilty, yet for his trouble received a suspended sentence. It would appear being let off without going to jail did not help prevent any future violent attacks.

 And in spite of an overwhelmingly outraged community, the prosecutors chose to downgrade the charges over Bill Rowe's death to manslaughter. Mathew McDonald received onlya five year sentence even though the Supreme Court Justice of the case said at the time "no punishment could fit the crime".

The jail term drew sharp criticism from Mr Rowe’s widow, Ellen, who said she was disappointed with the "small sentence’’ handed to Mathew Roy McDonald.

McDonald had pleaded guilty to Mr Rowe's manslaughter - a crime that carries a 20-year maximum.

Locals were outraged at the low sentence McDonald received. The five years did not seem to reflect the severity of the crime or the expectations of the community.

And in September 2013 McDonald walked out of jail a free man.

Update No 2. - McDonald jailed again

In May 2015, McDonald found himself back before the courts for breaking into a woman’s North Perth home in December the previous year.

The District Court was told McDonald broke into the woman’s home just after midnight.

The woman was sleeping in an upstairs bedroom.

She then locked herself in her room and called police. She remained on the phone to police all the while McDonald rummaged through her home.

Police arrived within minutes and arrested him.

The court was told the woman had been left terrified by the incident.

“It must have been absolutely traumatic for her,” Judge Michael Bowden said.

“She can no longer stay in her house alone.”

Judge Bowden jailed McDonald for two years and three months for the break-in.

McDonald was made eligible for parole, meaning he could walk free by the middle of next year.

Final Update: Karma - Bill Rowe's killer dies in car crash

Under the headline 'Killer dies in accident' The West Australian newspaper on 10 August 2018 reported, "Mathew Roy McDonald, 31, of Westminster, Perth, was a passenger in a Ford Falcon sedan that went off Roe Highway at Forresfield and crashed into a tree about 7.30am on Saturday."


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