Pauline Hanson re-visited - Australian media incite violence
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Pauline Hanson re-visited - Australian media incite violence

Now that Pauline Hanson has re-entered the poltical fray, we have decided to re-print some articles from the time of her original entry into politics to remind Australians of one of the most disgraceful episodes in Australian political history, where sustained, vicious media attacks whipped up crowds of screaming demonstrators into intimidating and even physically attacking Pauline Hanson and her supporters.

Martin Lehmann - 21 July 1998
The media, after more than a year of the greatest vilification campaign in Australian history, have succeeded in dividing Australia like never before. They have joined forces with the politically correct academics and the multicultural and aboriginal industries in vilifying Pauline Hanson and all those who support her.

Violent mobs, whipped up by a vicious media onslaught,  attack Hanson supporters

A man trying to enter the meeting is bashed to the ground by this  brutish thug. Can anybody identify him or others in this raging mob?

On 7 July 1997 around 100 people trying to enter a One Nation meeting in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong were confronted by about 1,000 screaming, jostling demonstrators. Many, like Keith Warburton who was bashed unconscious by three demonstrators, had come to find out for themselves what One Nation stood for. 

"I'm just  an individual without political leanings," Warburton said after the attack from his Dandenong Hospital bed. "An attack like this is just not Australian, where we believe in freedom of speech."

According to police, Warburton was bashed by three individuals, one punched him, the other grabbed him in a head-lock and the third kicked him. As he fell already unconscious, he hit his head on the curb.

On 19 July 1998 over 1500 violent protesters gathered outside the Hawthorn Town Hall to threaten and intimidate people trying to attend a One Nation meeting. Many elderly people fearing for their safety turned away.


Wally Dunlop
An elderly man, Wally Dunlop was beaten over the head with a stick as he tried to enter the meeting. An ironic twist was that he had fought in World War II to help preserve Australia's freedom and democracy.

An 87-year-old man Wally Dunlop came through the thugs with blood pouring from a wound above the eye. The gutless police warned Ms Hanson off from attending the meeting, claiming they could not guarantee her safety.

So much for freedom of speech and freedom of assembly in Australia.


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