Muslims flooding into Australia by illegal boat entry
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Muslims flooding into Australia by illegal boat entry

THE arrival of more than 40,000 boat people in Australia's north since Labor unwound John Howard's border protection policies in late 2008 represents an alarming  threat to Australia's security as well as its social cohesion.

This boat people phenomenon is essentially a determined Muslim immigration, being part of the stealth jihad, with the vast majority of arrivals being from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

This huge, unregulated Islamic inflow is the greatest single disaster of the Rudd and Gillard governments and perhaps the hardest to undo. The consequences will be with us for generations.

The case of convicted Egyptian terrorist Maksoud Abdel Latif illustrates how the security system is overwhelmed by the present numbers.

Let's look at the numbers. Assume that 40,000 of those who have arrived so far are Muslims, mostly low skilled and with limited English. Assume that eventually they will all stay in Australia, which is the only rational assumption if policy doesn't change radically. Then assume that, on a conservative basis, each is responsible, eventually, for three family reunion immigrants, whether a spouse, fiancé, children, parents or siblings. That is a total, so far, of 160,000 low-skilled Muslims with poor English predominantly from countries that have the most radical and extreme jihadist traditions in the world.

The numbers coming to Australia will continue to rise dramatically unless the people-smuggling industry is broken.

Security against jihadist violence from a small but dangerous minority, though extremely important, is not the only problem. A huge force in people-smuggling now consists of people who came to Australia as boat people themselves.

Thus the boat people phenomenon entrenched in Australia is a big, organised crime industry.

 The Muslim arrivals know how to play the system. Together with their local supporters and lawyers, have become highly skilled at exploiting our tolerance, civil liberties, multiculturalism and racial vilification laws.The elites who control our legal and social systems are extremely sympathetic to claimants. Once a claimant has disposed of identity documents and tells the correctly formulated story, there is no way of verifying, or falsifying, it. Therefore the courts overwhelmingly give the benefit of the doubt to the claimant.

There will be many consequences from this disastrous policy failure.The Immigration Department's figures, released in 2012, revealed that five years after arrival the rate of employment - not unemployment but employment - of Afghans was just 9 per cent, while 94 per cent of Afghan households received Centrelink payments. From Iraq, 12 per cent were employed while 93 per cent of families received Centrelink payments.

Taken together, these figures demonstrate the way in which the boat people phenomenon can overwhelm our immigration program. We are allowing, indeed attracting, a huge group of unskilled Muslim immigrants who have not been chosen by government policy or process.  If it follows even remotely the European pattern, this group will be characterised by high unemployment, inter generational welfare dependency, high crime rates, social problems across a broad spectrum and a minority tendency to extremism.

For the Rudd and Gillard to create this situation by avoidable policy failure through ignorance, stupidity or hubris will blemish their reputations for a very long time.


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