Muslim school officials siphon off millions of dollars from the government to fund Islamic lobby groups
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Muslim school officials siphon off millions of dollars from the government to fund Islamic lobby groups

Muslim school officials siphon off millions of dollars from the government to fund Islamic lobby groups

The story (below) from The Australian reveals some disturbing ramifications of the  Islamic  Civilisation Jihad of the Western world.

Firstly, many Muslims consider it only natural to extract money out of the infidels (all of us tax paying non-Muslims) because they consider we should be paying the tribute, called jizya to the Muslims, to which they believe they are divinely entitled because Allah himself wrote in the Koran that dhimmis have to pay tribute to Muslims. That's why many Muslims have no qualms about permanently living on  the dole.

Dhimmis are non-Muslims who are subservient to Muslims.

There are numerous and increasing examples of Western authorities bending over backwards to appease Muslim groups and individuals.

Journalist, police and authorities are fearful of referring to 'Muslim terrorism', 'Muslim crime' and 'Islamic jihad' lest they are accused of 'Isalmophobia'" or being 'anti-Muslim'. Even in the incident detailed below, police and authorities were reluctant to investigate serious allegations for fear they may be seen as 'anti-Muslim'.

It is very concerning that millions of dollars were funnelled into the Islamic lobby group, the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, the umbrella organisation for numerous Islamic groups and councils. In the late 1980s, AFIC received more than a hundred thousand dollars in funding per year  from Gaddafi's Libyan regime. AFIC then-leader, the infamous Sheikh Taj El-Din Hilaly, had ties to Libya.

Abdullah Magar, head of Australian Islamic College, jailed for three years for fraud

The Australian refers to five Islamic schools accused of fraud against taxpayers. There have been others.

Following a police raid on the Australian Islamic College, its founder, Abdullah Saad Magar, was found guilty of fraudulently claiming millions of dollars from the State and Federal governments, and was jailed for three years.



Red flag on fifth Islamic school

A MUSLIM school in Sydney's southwest has been accused of serious financial mismanagement, becoming the fifth Islamic school in two years to potentially face a freeze in state funding.

A former principal of Bellfield College, who resigned last month, has also claimed its students were put at risk by landfill that allegedly contained asbestos and sewerage problems that contaminated drinking water.

Although the allegations have been put to police, no action has been taken by the NSW Education Department or Education Minister Adrian Piccoli, who has declined to reveal when he was first made aware of the claims.

Sam Cannavo resigned as principal late last month over the management of the 230-student school, making a formal complaint to police alleging that up to $2.1 million had gone missing from the school. Mr Cannavo has given police allegedly falsified building receipts with millions drawn on an account managed by a senior school official.

Mr Cannavo also alleges landfill on the school site contains asbestos and the school's sewage system had frequently overflowed, at times entering the school's drinking fountains.

A builder hired by the school has also made a police complaint, alleging he was paid only half of the almost $5m the school had charged for projects at the school, alleging the school had charged millions in fake invoices.

The senior school official has not returned repeated requests by The Australian for comment on the allegations.

Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne last night told The Australian he "asked the department for an urgent briefing on this matter".

"I take very seriously any allegations that might involve the improper use of funds," he said.

In the past two years, The Australian has revealed four Islamic schools that have had state or federal funding frozen after allegations of financial irregularities.

Sydney's largest Muslim school, Malek Fahd, has been ordered by the federal government to pay back $9 million after an investigation by The Australian revealed millions were funnelled from the school to the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils. The school's funding has been released on the basis it pays back the money, and is challenging the ruling in court.

Rissallah College in Lakemba had its funding frozen in April, amid allegations the school misused hundreds of thousands of dollars in school funds. Al-Noori, the second-largest Muslim school in Sydney, also faced a funding freeze and was subject to a special audit conducted by the Board of Education after its former auditors raised concerns about property transactions in March last year.

The Australian Islamic College in Mount Druitt had its funding frozen in April last year amid concerns about financial practices. Funding has since been restored after an investigation by the department and action by the Association of Independent Schools.

Despite the formal complaints to police about Bellfield and a police investigation, no action has been taken against the school by Mr Piccoli, the state or commonwealth education departments or the Association of Independent Schools, all of whom were made aware of the complaints. It is understood there are concerns about being seen as "anti-Muslim".

Bellfield College, in southwest Sydney, received $4.1 million from state and federal governments last year, meaning 80 per cent of its revenue comes from taxpayer funds. The school received an extra $2.2m in capital grants last year, and is eligible for the highest levels of government assistance available to independent schools.

Mr Cannavo says he began to inquire about the amounts that were being charged on a multi-million-dollar building project at the school. He claims he found large discrepancies between what was being charged by the senior school official and what was being paid to the builders.

Both Mr Cannavo and builder Louis Nicholas claim that after the official set up an account for the project - including the ability to create invoices for Mr Nicholas's building company - $2.1m in invoices were created last year that Mr Nicholas never received. The official had claimed that total cost of the work had been $5m, although Mr Nicholas charged up to $2.5m for the work.

Financial statements for Bellfield college show that the official personally loaned the school $2.1m last year and claims the school owes him $3.4m.

Mr Cannavo said yesterday that "without satisfactory answers to a number of concerns that were raised, I felt that continuing as principal would compromise my own moral position and not serve to progress the opportunities that the wonderful students, parents and staff so richly deserve".

In his police statement, he says he alerted the Association of Independent Schools deputy executive director Michael Carr in July about his concerns and provided the allegedly false invoices. Mr Carr allegedly told Mr Cannavo he would meet with the Department of Education about the school, and AIS chief executive Geoff Newcombe was also made aware of the concerns.

A meeting took place with the state and federal departments, AIS and police. It is understood that there was a decision made among the group to share the costs of a forensic audit of the school. However, despite the serious concerns about the school the group is yet to conduct an audit or a funding freeze.

Mr Piccoli's office yesterday refused to answer questions as to when the minister was first made aware of concerns at Bellfield



  1. ceirano25 Jan 2014

    We have very good reason to be "anti Muslim" when we hear stories such as these. It should be made strikingly clear to the Muslim Community that all Australia will be anti Muslim unless their attitude is brought into line with Australian law & values. The Labour, Greens & left wing groups of our society must blind or utterly mad.

  2. Jayb123 Oct 2013

    I have been tell people about the Jizya Tax for years, but no one would believe me.

    Muslims demand Australia pay the Jizya Tax in the form of Aid. That's why the Indonesians get upset when Australia says it going to reduce the amount of Aid it gives them. Muslims say it's their right to receive it, and our Duty to pay it.

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