Multiculturalism fails in France - civil war predicted
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Multiculturalism fails in France - civil war predicted

By Martin Lehmann

France has some 751 no-go zones. The French government labels them sensitive urban zones. But what they are are dangerous to whites and non-Muslims who enter. Some of the no-go zones function like micro-states, and are governed by sharia law.

A leading French intellectual says it means where the police don't go, the firemen don't go and even the doctors and ambulances don't go, except if they have no other choice. He says that these parts of France are in the hands of drug traffickers, gangs and Imams.

Muslims block the streets illegally for Friday prayers.

In this alarming video by an American news team, CBN News, French journalist and author, Alexandre Del Valle declares that the situation will lead to civil war


Muslim riots in France  
Muslims block streets in France for Friday prayers  

France's Muslim-controlled, no-go areas

Fabrice Balanche, a well-known French Islamic scholar who teaches at the University of Lyon, recently told Radio Télévision Suisse: "We have territories in France such as Roubaix, such as northern Marseille, where Police will not step foot, where the authority of the State is completely absent and where mini Islamic states have been formed."

French writer and political journalist Éric Zemmour recently told BFM TV: "There are places in France today, especially in the suburbs, where it is not really in France. “Salafi” (the PC word for Jihadist) Islamists are Islamising neighbourhoods and many suburbs. In these neighbourhoods, it's not France, it's an Islamic republic." 

French politician Franck Guiot wrote that parts of Évry, a township in the southern suburbs of Paris, are no-go zones where police forces cannot go for fear of being attacked. He said that politicians seeking to maintain "social peace" were prohibiting the police from carrying weapons to defend themselves.

Even the Socialist mayor of Amiens, Gilles Demailly, has referred to the Fafet-Brossolette district of Paris as a "no-go zone" where, "you can no longer order a pizza or get a doctor to come to the house." 

Europe 1, a leading broadcasters in France, has referred to Marseille as a "no-go zone" after the government was forced to deploy riot police, known as CRS, to confront warring Muslim gangs in the city. 

The French Interior Ministry said it was trying to "reclaim" 184 square kilometers of Marseille that have come under the control of Muslim law.

The French newspaper Le Figaro referred to downtown Perpignan as a "veritable no-go zone" where "aggression, antisocial behavior, drug trafficking, Muslim communalism, racial tension and tribal violence" are forcing non-Muslims to move out. 

Le Figaro also reported that the Les Izards district of Toulouse was also a no-go zone, where Arab drug trafficking gangs rule the streets in a climate of fear.

Separately, Le Figaro reported that large quantities of assault rifles are circulating in French no-go zones. "For a few hundred dollars you can buy Kalashnikovs," political scientist Sebastian Roché said, for "the price of an iPhone!"

The newspaper France Soir published poll results showing that 60% of French citizens are now in favor of deploying the army into troubled suburbs to restore order.

The newspaper Le Parisien has called parts of Grigny, a township in the southern suburbs of Paris, a "lawless zone" plagued by well-organized Muslim gangs, whose members believe they are "masters of the world."

The weekly news magazine Le Point reported on the "spiralling Muslim lawlessness" in the French city of Grenoble.

The French magazine L'Obs has reported on the deteriorating security situation in Roubaix, a city in northern France that is located close to the Belgian border. The magazine reported that local citizens are "exiled within their own country" and want to create their own militia to restore order because police are too afraid to confront Muslim gangs.

In August 2014, the French magazine Valeurs Actuelles (Contemporary Values) reported that "France has more than 750 areas of lawlessness" where the law of the French Republic no longer applies. 

Under the headline "Hell in France," the magazine said that many parts of France are experiencing a "dictatorship of Islamic riffraff" where police are "greeted by mortar fire" and are "forced to retreat amid flying projectiles."

Separately, Valeurs Actuelles reported on the lawlessness in Trappes, a township located in the western suburbs of Paris, where radical Islam and endemic crime go hand in hand. "Criminals are pursued by Islamic fundamentalists to impose an alternative society, breaking links with the French Republic," according to local police commander Mohammed Duhan. It is not advisable to go there, he says, adding, "You will be spotted by so-called chauffeurs (lookouts for drug traffickers) and be stripped and beaten."

Valeurs Actuelles has also reported on no-go zones in Nantes, Tours and Orléans, which have turned into "battlefields" where remaining native French holdouts are confronted with "Muslim communalism, the disappearance of their culture and rampant crime.

Australia's political leaders and left-wing media must be asleep or in wilful denial if they don't think Australia is heading in the same direction as France.


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