How the social engineers of the Left and the Greens are perverting Australia's culture
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How the social engineers of the Left and the Greens are perverting Australia's culture

In an important article in The Australian, Nick Cater exposes the left-wing zealots in the education system who are corrupting Australia's education system under the noses of parents and society in general.

Through stealth the Left-wing academics and teachers unions have taken over the national curriculum.

Instead of focusing on teaching literacy and numeracy, the 699 page Australian Curriculum stresses concepts such as "creating a more ecologically and socially just world through informed action" and "how to promote awareness about how people can reduce their impact on the environment".

They will be asked to ponder "Gaia - the interaction of Earth and its biosphere"

All this sounds nice and fluffy until you comprehend the Greens code words embedded in the document.

National Curriculum



Students in Year 11 are asked to "appreciate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples' understanding of physical phenomena", including the motion of the stars and the universe.


Children in their first years of school learning basic arithmetic would be taught Aboriginal methods of adding.

The cross-curriculum perspectives in senior secondary maths asks teachers to consider "the cultures and histories"of indigenous people and also the Asian region.


Year 7 students are "exploring the multi-layered meanings (material, cultural and spiritual well-being) associated with rivers, water-holes, seas and lakes for Aboriginal  and Torres strait Islander People.


In Year 10, students develop ideas surrounding Earth and the environment such as the "notion of Gaia" and the concept of the "rights of nature".

  The Gaia Hypothesis was formulated by British research scientist, James Lovelock. The entire planet, he argued, is one giant living organism whose  various constituents - biosphere, atmosphere, oceans and soil - constitute a "feedback or cybernetics system which seeks an optimal physical and chemical environment for life".

For the atheists of the Left, Gaia is their substitute religion. They accept its concepts as articles of faith.

In his recent book, The Revenge of Gaia, Loverock asserts that humans are doomed for being such  a blight on Mother Gaia's otherwise perfectly balanced ecosystem.

Another Gaia advocate, Teddy Goldsmith, writing in The Ecologist, argued that humans are just a "parasite" - or a "disease which is still spreading exponentially".

Nice stuff to teach the kiddies.

The words "sustainable" and "sustainability" appear 139 times in the Australian Curriculum, while "business" crops up six times, "markets" twice and "free markets" not at all. In 699 pages, the curriculum mentions capitalism twice, but merely as one of the "competing ideologies" to communism.

Sustainability is a word that has entered the vernacular as one of those desirable life-goals that no spiritual person could disagree with. But in Green dogma, sustainability has more to do with a drastic reduction in the earth's population, redistribution of wealth and the winding back of industrialisation.

By the time a student graduates at year 12 he or she may have little knowledge of the part played by free markets, the rule of law and property rights in the growth of wealth in the Western system, but he or she has been thoroughly culturally programmed in politically correct group think regarding "sustainability", Aboriginal dispossession, global  warming, Gaia and the shameful history of colonialism.

The student is now ready for high level indoctrination of left-wing philosophy and Marxist thought from the humanities and social science courses at university.

It is no wonder that we have so many bleeding heart, politically correct lefties among teachers, lawyers, judges, journalists, social workers and journalists.

The graduate teachers are now ready to start the indoctrination process with their year one students.

A LEADING British Conservative Party thinker says the Abbott government will regret the introduction of a national curriculum, predicting it will inevitably fall into the hands of a radical and unrepresentative elite.

European Parliament MP Daniel Hannan,siad exence in Britain had shown politicians on the Right were virtually powerless when pitted against "a permanent Left bureaucracy".

"We introduced our national curriculum in 1988 when Margaret Thatcher was prime minister, supposedly as a way of stopping loony Left teachers," Mr Hannan said.

"In fact it was immediately captured, totally predictably, by the very people it was supposed to deter. It was dragged, as these things always are when they get into the hands of the permanent bureaucracy, to the far left."

"You have to have been in politics to see how powerless the elected representative is," he said. "Your ability, even as a national leader, to take on this powerful permanent apparatus, of this standing leftist bureaucracy, is remarkably limited."

In his book, The Lucky Culture, Nick Cater points to research showing the majority of people with Green and Left views are tertiary educated.

Talk about contagion of abberation!

God help future generations.

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  1. Oksanna28 Jan 2014

    The English curriculum has been perverted for over a decade now. In the 1980s, academics from (former) Birmingham Polytechnic, the home of Cultural Studies, came to Australian campuses to teach "communication studies". Cultural Studies is a trojan horse name for the mix of Gramskyist, neo-Marxist, anti-Colobnialist and essentialist feminist mix of perspectives that was to eventually dominate the English curriculum in Aussie high schools. Clever, huh? Students in all our high schools now have to deconstruct texts, using the above four tools. Omitting to employ the moral values implicit in this postmodern orthodoxy will result in failure. Nothing is sacred, nothing immune from analysis, except the neo-Marxist paradigm itself. This is the reality on the ground in Aussie high schools today. Unbelievable. Furthermore, there are parallel stories for each of the other disciplines. You have touched upon some in your commentary. The gutting of content from Aussie primary and high school maths, following the U.S. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Guidelines (NCTM) year 2000 (themselves informed by the discredited egalitarian fad Mastery Learning) is another story. Many of the curriculum planners who foisted this fad onto W.A. schools moved east to work on the National Curriculum. These luminaries of leftist education, remain mostly in the shadows unless you join one of the discipline associations (ie the Australian Mathematics Association) where they pop their head up every so often. In my opinion these curriculum gurus (they prefer the term "educators") who effectively socialize our kids education deserve much, much more recognition.

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