Germans told to stockpile food and water in case of 'catastrophe scenario' - is an Islamic State attack imminent?
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Germans told to stockpile food and water in case of 'catastrophe scenario' - is an Islamic State attack imminent?

Islamic State planning ‘nuclear holocaust’ to wipe hundreds of millions from the face of the earth.

ISIS nuclear

So claimed Jurgen Todenhofer, the first Western reporter to embed (for ten days) with Islamic State (IS) fighters and not be killed in the process, as he discussed his observations of the terror group with Al Jazeera in January 2015.

The German journalist claimed the terror group wants to launch a 'nuclear tsunami' against the west and anyone else that opposes their plans for an Islamic caliphate.

Todenhofer expanded upon his observations of IS in his book, Inside IS: Ten Days In The Islamic State, which was published in April 2015.

Mr Todenhöfer went on to say that ISIS have plans for mass genocide, with the aim of eradicating all atheists and religions that are not 'people of the book' or who do not subscribe to their particular brand of Islam.

'The IS want to kill... all non-believers and apostates and enslave their women and children. All Shiites, Yazidi, Hindus, atheists and polytheists should be killed,' he wrote.

'Hundreds of millions of people are to be eliminated in the course of this religious 'cleansing'.

He warned that the terror organisation is far more 'dangerous and organised' than people in the West realises. 

He said the West has 'no concept of the threat it faces' from the Islamic State and has underestimated the risk posed by ISIS 'dramatically'.

'This is the largest religious cleansing strategy that has ever been planned in human history,' the journalist added. [1]

Have German intelligence agencies warned the government of an impending Islamic State attack of this nature?

European media, including the BBC, have been reporting since 23 August of the German government's warning for people  to stockpile emergency supplies.

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, Germany has told its citizens to stockpile emergency food, water and other supplies [including medicines, warm blankets, coal, wood, candles, torches, batteries, matches, and reserves of cash] in their homes in the event of a catastrophe or terrorist attack. According to the 69-page “Concept for Civil Defence” document, Germans will have to stock enough food for ten days and enough water for five days.

Thejournal.iereported Tuesday 30 August 2016:

THE GERMAN POPULATION has been warned to stockpile food and water to prepare for possible terrorist or cyber attacks, as it adopted its first civil defence strategy since the end of the Cold War.

The plan marks the first broad update since 1995, when a dismantling of federal civil defence structures was advocated as security policies were eased in the wake of German reunification.

But the 69-page document warned that “the security policy environment has changed again” – and said Germany should be ready in case of an “existence-threatening development”.

 Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere rejected the criticism of the report, saying:

“It’s only responsible, sensible and appropriate to make cool-headed preparations for a catastrophe scenario,” he said, stressing that “every country in the world does that”.

The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their delivery systems, conflict driven by terrorist means and cyberspace attacks can be a direct threat to Germany and its allies.

Pointing to the people and government’s dependence on both the power and IT networks, de Maiziere said the strategy advocates emergency plans for any breakdown in key energy and water infrastructures.

Does the German government have knowledge of a large-scale attack by Islamic State (ISIS)?

The Interior Minister used the words, "existence-threatening development" and "catastrophe scenario"

His reference to power and IT networks gives a clue to a possible EMP attack.

While Western governments may think Islamic States threats of a nuclear tsunami are just sabre-rattling, they should, in my opinion, be taken seriously.

An innocuous-looking freighter off the coast of Belgium firing a super-EMP device high into the atmosphere over the German/French border could cause catastrophic damage to the electrical and electronic infrastructure over perhaps a one thousand kilometre radius.

IS missile


As explained in the article below, Electric Armageddon, an excerpt from an advance copy of the forthcoming book, The Decline and Imminent Fall of the West, by Kenneth Schultz, such an event would send Western  Europe back to the pre-industrial age, with the loss of millions of lives, thus realising the ‘nuclear tsunami’ threat of Islamic State.

Another likely scenario is for jihadists to carry out co-ordinated attacks on one of  the greatest vulnerabilities of advanced Western nations, the EHV transformers so vital to electricity transmission. A co-ordinated attack by jihadists using shoulder-mounted missile launchers, such RPG's (rocket propelled grenades), would disable multiple EHV transformers, thus causing cascading catastrophic failure of entire electricity distribution systems.

Such an event would rapidly provoke societal breakdown. Even relatively minor events can trigger societal breakdown, as evidenced by New York's 'Night of Terror' and  the 2011 London riots.

One can only conjecture as to what would happen next. It is highly likely thousands of armed jihadists, who themselves have stocked up on food and water, would pour out of the hundreds of 'no-go' areas inhabited almost exclusively by Muslims, and declare these areas under sharis law and no longer under the control of the laws and control of the host country.

Of the estimated 20 million Muslims living in the European Union, surveys reveal that at least 23% do not consider themselves part of the host countries' culture and laws, preferring instead to live under sharia law. These are Muslims living within a country, ostensibly living “normal” lives while overtly or covertly supporting the imposition of sharia law.

That means the jihadists could count on the support, to a greater or lesser degree, of over four million local Muslims, many of whom have probably secreted weapons at their homes.

Such a scenario would not end well for native Europeans and indeed for European culture.

President Obama warns of Islamic State’s nuclear threat

The threat from terrorists trying to launch a nuclear attack is real and it would "change our world", President Barack Obama told a meeting of world leaders at the Nuclear Security Summit  in Washington in April 2016.[1]

The world has taken "concrete" steps to prevent nuclear terrorism, he told the meeting.

But the so-called Islamic State (IS) obtaining a nuclear weapon is "one of the greatest threats to global security," President Obama added.





Excerpt from The Decline and Imminent Fall of the West

            Electric Armageddon


 What is EMP?

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a super-energetic radio wave that can destroy, damage or cause malfunction of electronic systems by overloading their circuits. EMP is harmless to people biologically, passing through their bodies without injury, like a radio wave.

But by damaging electronic systems that make modern society possible, EMP can cause mass destruction of property and life.

A single nuclear weapon detonated at high altitude over any country, or say central Europe, will generate an electromagnetic pulse that can cause catastrophic damage across a radius of two to three thousand kilometres, to the critical infrastructures - electric power, telecommunications, transportation, banking and finance, food and water that sustain modern civilization and the lives of millions of citizens.

Because an EMP attack would detonate a nuclear warhead at high altitude, no other nuclear effects - such as blast, thermal radiation or radioactive fallout - would be experienced by people on the ground.

However, because modern civilization and life now depends upon electricity and electronics, an EMP attack is a high-tech means of killing millions of people the old fashioned way - through starvation, disease and societal collapse.

It has been estimated by official sources that if a high altitude EMP was exploded over the United States, up to 200 million people would perish within 12 months.[1]  An EMP attack would send America back to the pre-industrial age - no electricity, no running water, no transport, no banking and  finance, no credit cards, and after a few days - no food.



Is this science fiction stuff or is it a real threat?

In the U.S. an official consensus exists about the EMP threat assessment above. Two Congressional Commissions, the National Academy of Sciences and two other US Government sponsored major studies, have independently examined and arrived at the same conclusion - that EMP is potentially catastrophic threat that demands high priority be given to preparedness.

Much of the information in this article was derived from the findings of a congressionally mandated EMP Commission in the United States which ran from 2002 and 2008.

How would you know if an EMP attack had occurred?

You could be driving your automobile and it suddenly stops and refuses to re-start. You get out your cell phone to call for help but notice there is no signal. You begin walking home and notice other vehicles stalled along the road. You finally reach home to find it blacked out - no lights, no TV and the refrigerator not working.

You then discover there is no running water and after the first flush, the toilet does not refill. Even though you have solar panels on the roof, you discover that when the grid goes down the solar system automatically switches off. You switch on a battery powered radio to hear a government message exhorting you to stay calm and that the power will be restored as soon as possible.

One of the vulnerabilities of the electricity grid are devices known as Extra High Voltage (EHV) transformers that send electricity over long distances. These devices can be as large as a house and weigh hundreds of tonnes. Many EHV transformers would probably burn out in an EMP attack. Even a few failures would cause catastrophic cascading effects on the electricity system. They are only manufactured in a few places in the world and must be custom-built. Worldwide production capacity is less than 100 units per year and serves a world market, one that is growing at a rapid rate in such countries as China and India. Delivery time of a new transformer ordered today is nearly three years, including both manufacturing and transportation. An event damaging several of these transformers at once means it may well extend delivery times well beyond current time frames.

Another key vulnerability are the ubiquitous robots of the modern age known as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. SCADAs essentially are small computers, numbering in the hundreds of thousands and ubiquitous everywhere in the critical infrastructure that perform jobs previously performed by hundreds of thousands of human technicians during the 1960s and before. They find extensive use in critical infrastructure applications such as electrical transmissions and distribution, water management, and oil and gas pipelines. Because they are sensitive electronic devices, SCADAs are especially vulnerable to EMP.

Who has EMP weapons?

The United State EMP Commission found that Russia, and most probably China and North Korea are already in possession of such weapons. The EMP Commission also found, contrary to the claim that high-yield nuclear weapons are necessary for an EMP attack, in fact very low-yield nuclear weapons of special design can produce significantly more EMP than high-yield nuclear weapons. Russian writings call these "Super-EMP" nuclear weapons.

Yet a Super-EMP warhead could have a tiny explosive yield, perhaps only a few kilotons, because it is specially designed to produce primarily gamma rays that generate the electromagnetic shock wave.

In 2004, credible Russian sources warned the EMP Commission that design information and "brain drain" from Russia had transferred to North Korea the capability to build a Super-EMP nuclear weapon "within a few years". In 2006, 2008 and again in 2016, North Korea tested a nuclear device of very low yield and declared these tests successful. Just after the 2016 test, North Korea tested a long-range missile capable of delivering a Super-EMP warhead.

North Korea's proclivity to sell missiles and nuclear technology to fellow rogue nations Iran and Syria makes their possession of Super-EMP nuclear weapons especially worrisome. And Islamic State boasted in 2015 that it expects to have a nuclear weapon "within a year".

Who would launch an EMP attack?

North Korea, Iran and Islamic State each have an implacable hatred of the United States. Either one, or perhaps in combination, would have the motivation and capability to launch an EMP attack.

The attack could be launched via a North Korean long-range missile. However, the Americans could trace the source of such an attack and carry out retaliation.

A more likely scenario is for an attack using a short-range missile launched from a freighter off the coast of California or New York. Any missile, including short-range missiles that can deliver a nuclear warhead to an altitude to 40 kilometres or more, can make a catastrophic EMP attack on a target country, by launching from a ship or freighter. Iran has practiced ship-launched EMP attacks using Scud missiles – which are in possession of scores of nations and even terrorist groups.

In light of the millions of Muslim "refugees who have flooded into Europe in recent years, it is becoming more likely that if an EMP attack originated from Islamic State, the target would be an area containing France,  Belgium and Germany, possibly launched from a freighter off the coast of Belgium.

An EMP attack launched off a ship with a Scud and a warhead detonated at high altitude would leave no bomb debris for forensic analysis, could enable rogue states or terrorists to destroy critical infrastructures and kill millions of Americans or Europeans anonymously. 2 

In January 2015, Jurgen Todenhofer, the first Western reporter to embed with Islamic State (IS) fighters and not be killed in the process, discussed his observations of the terror group with Al Jazeera. “I always asked them about the value of mercy in Islam,” he said, but “I didn’t see any mercy in their behavior.” “Something that I don’t understand at all,” Todenhofer added, “is the enthusiasm in their plan of religious cleansing, planning to kill the non-believers.... They also will kill Muslim democrats because they believe that non-ISIL-Muslims put the laws of human beings above the commandments of God.... They were talking about [killing] hundreds of millions. They were enthusiastic about it, and I just cannot understand that.”

The German journalist claimed the terror group wants to launch a 'nuclear tsunami' against the west and anyone else that opposes their plans for an Islamic caliphate.[1]

In March 2016, Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations – a New-York based think tank, warned that North Korea could be poised to sell its nuclear secrets to Islamic State terrorists in a chilling deal that would give atomic powers to one of the world’s gravest enemies. Mr Haass believes the cash-strapped state would be willing to give away the deadly information for a price.[2]

Cheap and simple alternatives to an EMP attack
Another likely scenario is for jihadists to carry out co-ordinated attacks on one  of the greatest vulnerabilities of advanced Western nations, the EHV transformers so vital to electricity transmission.
A co-ordinated attack by jihadists using shoulder-mounted missile launchers, such RPG's (rocket propelled grenades), would disable multiple EHV transformers, thus causing cascading catastrophic failure of entire electricity distribution systems.
Another possible scenario is for the jihadists to mount one or more suicide attacks on electricity generating facilities. A grenade thrown into a generator would disable it for a considerable period..




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