Cheese eating surrender monkeys - France capitulates to the Islamists
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Cheese eating surrender monkeys - France capitulates to the Islamists

"Cheese eating surrender monkeys" - The Simpsons Groundskeeper Willie's famous words are an apt summing up of the situation in France following latest Jihadist atrocities. The French authorities, from the president down, together with the majority of the French populace, have capitulated to the Islamist threat.

"They have guns but we have flowers"

Several weeks have passed since Islamist attackers bloodied Paris. France's President François Hollande is describing the killers as just "a horde of murderers" acting in the name of a "mad cause." He adds that "France has no enemy." He never uses the word "terrorism." He no longer says the word "war."

From the beginning, pacifism and appeasement filled the air. A German pianist came to play John Lennon's Imagine in front of the Bataclan Theater; since then, other pianists have come. On the Place de la République, people assemble every evening to sing more songs by the Beatles: All You Need Is Love; Love Me Do. Candles are lit, and banners deployed, calling for "universal brotherhood."

In a widely circulated video, a man tries to reassure his child. "They have guns," he mutters, "but we have flowers."

"The endpoint of war is to bring about an amenable state of mind in the enemy"

The following extracts from a story by Guy Milliere writing for the Gatestone Insitute illustrate the amenable state of mind of the French government and many of the French people.

  • Those invited to speak on TV about what happened allude to "senseless acts." They do not blame anyone.

  • Some spoke of "resistance," but to them, resistance meant listening to music. To others, it meant having a drink with friends in a bar.

  • Heart-shaped stickers are posted on mosques. Words such as "We love you" and "We share your pain" are written on the hearts.

  • Just after the attacks, French philosopher Michel Onfray said that France for many years had led Islamophobic bombings against the Muslim world, so "it was logical if the Muslims now attacked France."When his words were used in an Islamic State propaganda video, and reporters asked him if he regretted what he said, he replied, "No."

  • Almost no one mentions radical Islam. Those who do, prefer the word "jihadism," and rush to emphasize that "jihadism" is "not related to Islam."

  • Over 750 no-go zones -- autonomous areas ruled by radical imams and Muslim gangs -- exist in France.

  • Radical imams and Muslim gangs also control most of France's prisons: 70% of prison inmates in France are apparently Muslim. Non-Muslim inmates are attacked and threatened; many are forced to convert to Islam.

  •  British survey published in 2014 showed that 16% of French approve of the Islamic State. Among people aged 18-25, the proportion rose to 27%.

  • A French judge, Marc Trevidic, in charge of all the main Islamic terrorism cases over the last ten years, said a few days before the November attacks that the situation was "getting worse," was now "out of control," and that "radicalized groups" established in the country could "carry out attacks resulting in hundreds of deaths." He was quickly transferred to a court in Lille, northern France, where he was assigned to petty crimes and divorce cases.
  • All the French political leaders know that Marc Trevidic is right -- that the situation is out of control -- but not one will say so publicly.

  • In June 2015, five months after the January attacks, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that the French had to "adapt to Islam".

  • During the November 27 official ceremony in Paris honoring the victims of the attacks, a song, If We Only Have Love, by Jacques Brel -- selected by President Hollande – was sung: "If we only have love - We can melt all the guns - And then give the new world - To our daughters and sons."

The French government, instead of protecting its people from aggressors, is leading them towards dhimmitude. Dhimmis are non-Muslims living in Muslim lands. If they refuse to convert to Islam, they essentially live as second-class citizens who are required to pay the jizya, a humiliating tax. Many Muslims living in Western countries already consider they are receiving the jizya in the form of welfare payments.

If French actions in the Second World War are anything to go by, there will be plenty of French collaborators willing to assist the Islamists.



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