Australian Liberty Alliance launches new political party in Australia
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Australian Liberty Alliance launches new political party in Australia

Geert Wilders


Australian Liberty Alliance to represent "ordinary Australians"

By Martin Lehmann

On October 20, I was privileged to attend the launch of a new political party that will surely change the political landscape in Australia forever.

Amid tight security we were driven by buses to a secret location outside Perth Metropolitan area.

The guest of honour was one of the most high-profile political figures in the Western world, leader of the PVV, the most popular political party in the Netherlands, Dutch parliamentarian, Geert Wilders.

It is a sad reflection of the society in which we live that Mr Wilders must be accompanied by an extraordinary level of security. In attendance at the launch were four federal police officers, a uniformed WA police officer, an unknown number of undercover WA police, Mr Wilders own security detail, together with a phalanx of security personnel hired by the ALA.

Geert Wilders told the audience of how the situation in Europe is getting out of control.

"Europe is about to collapse. Our culture is disappearing", he said.

Sweden close to collapse

"The Hungarian government estimates that 35 million immigrants will arrive in Europe over the next few years", he told the audience. "There are one million Muslims in the Netherlands and in a   recent survey, three quarters of them believed that the Muslims who left the Netherlands to fight for Islamic State fighters were heroes".

Mr Wilders told the audience that there was still time to save Australia from the calamity that is engulfing Europe and the Australian Liberty Alliance is the only political party capable of tackling the problem. "It is a party for ordinary Australians," he said.

Spokesperson for UKIP (the UK Independence Party), and founder of the website Shariah Watch UK, Anne-Marie Waters addressed the meeting. She told of the creeping Islamisation of Britain where Sharia courts are openly operating in defiance of British law but no authority has the courage to challenge them.

She also told of hospital wards set up specifically to treat victims of female genital mutilation, yet no charges have been laid.

"People are more afraid of being called a racist than of Islamic violence", Ms Waters said.

Syrian woman killed in Germany by her family for being 'unclean' after being gang-raped

  The ALA announced that it had already endorsed three Senate candidates for the next election. The candidates were introduced to the audience.

Kirralie Smith

Kirralie Smith, the founder of the website Halal Choices will stand as the ALA Senate candidate for NSW. She spoke of the need to have ministers and Senators in government who can represent mainstream, conservative Australians.

She is also concerned about equality of women in Islam. They are treated as second-class citizens who are open to all types of abuse, said Kirralie.

Muslim immigration makes Sweden the rape capital of the world.

Bernard Gaynor

Bernard  Gaynor, a former army officer who served in Iraq and Afghanistan,  is the ALA Senate candidate for Queensland. He spoke of the range of the range of policies in the ALA Manifesto that will appeal to conservative voters.

In particular he was concerned about the level of government debt. "We must work to reduce the size of the government debt so that we don't leave our children saddled with an enormous debt", Bernard said.

Debbie Robinson

Co-founder of the ALA, Debbie Robinson will stand as the ALA Senate candidate for Western Australia.

"I do believe that people are waking up to the dangers and the problems that will come from increased Muslim immigration," Debbie Robinson said.

"Islam is a problem and if we don't take steps to put laws in place to protect our culture and our society, then we are going to lose our freedom."

She assured the audience there will be many more Senate candidates endorsed before the next federal election.

After the formalities were over the hundred or so guests were invited out to the lawns of a magnificent country estate where men in suits and ladies in cocktail dresses mingled while sampling  an array of drinks and an unending supply of delicious finger food.

All in all, an exhilarating evening.

If the party can organise its political campaigns as well as it organised this event, it has a big future in Australian politics.


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