Adam Goodes and the hunt for racists
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Adam Goodes and the hunt for racists

There are three very good reasons why fans boo part-Aboriginal football star, Adam Goodes.

Goodes war dance
 Any person, Aboriginal or not, making provocative gesures like this, is sure to rile the crowd
 Goodes finishes his war dance with the up-you gesture - sure to please the crowd

Firstly, Goodes showed himself to be a racially-divisive person following his controversial nomination as Australian of the Year. He only achieved this exalted position because the selection committee, the Board of the Australia Day National Council, had been infiltrated by a bunch of politically correct social justice warriors. Goodes immediately used his position to vilify white Australians.

“Europeans, and the governments that have run our country, have raped, killed and stolen,” he wrote in Fairfax newspapers.

Coming to grips with his part-Aboriginal ancestry has left Goodes with deep-seated anger and a notable hatred of white Australia.

Goodes then became infamous when a 13-year-old white girl was subjected to national humiliation after she shouted “ape” at the bearded footballer from the sidelines of a tense game.

Goodes kept pointing to the girl until security moved in on her.

The frightened girl was frog-marched, crying,  from the stands.

She was grilled,and then detained, by police for two hours, initially without her grandmother present, and threatened with charges. Her face was shown on national TV and she was publicly branded a racist.

In a newspaper article next day Goodes provocatively declared “racism had a face - and it was a 13-year-old girl”.

The girl was named and film of her shown around the country, although she insisted she had not meant “ape” as a racial slur and was sorry.

The public perceived such shameful bullying of a 13-year old girl by a tough 34 year old professional footballer as very un-Australian.

And finally, Goodes performed a highly provocative, recently-invented "war dance" , simulating throwing a spear at the white crowd.

Wake up to yourself Adam. Ask yourself why are the crowds booing you and not other Aboriginal payers.

The Goodes saga has shown the disconnect between the elites, including the media, the AFL hierarchy, political figures and celebrities, and ordinary Australians. While talk-back callers and letters to the editor are overwhelmingly critical of Goodes, the elites are in mindless lock-step behind our politically correct moral guardians.

The hunt for racists

The Goodes saga has spawned a new game for the media and the elites - hunting down and calling out "racists" and  generally rubbishing and defaming Australians.

Fremantle coach, Ross Lyon deserves loud boos himself for calling Eagles fans racists and bigots.

All the name calling by the elites and the media is inflaming an already tense situation.

It is sad to see the hold that political correctness has on so many journalists. The only people to speak out against Goodes are people known to think for themselves, such as Shane Warne, Sam Newman and  Karl Langdon. The rest are just blindly following the politically correct line.

The shrill cries of "racists" and "bigots" by the elite are in themselves divisive, rude and highly insulting. By their actions, the elites are denigrating all Australians, including themselves.

Big brother is watching

The insanity has reached a point where cameras will be focused on the crowds during football games and the moral police will scan the fans looking for instances of booing of Goodes or other Aboriginal players.

How the moral police will distinguish between booing of Goodes and booing of umpires hasn't been explained. And what will happen if an Aboriginal is appointed to umpire a game.

Good - Aboriginal activist
 This is the divisive way the social justice warriors of the National Australia Day Council portrayed Goodes




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