Aboriginals: One of the outcomes of a life on taxpayer-funded welfare
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Aboriginals: One of the outcomes of a life on taxpayer-funded welfare

Police attacked by Broome beach crowd

As reported by watoday.com.au November 8, 2014

The damage done to one of the abandoned police vehicles.

The damage done to one of the abandoned police vehicles. Photo: WA Police

Four police officers were injured when they were set upon by a crowd at Town Beach in Broome, 2240km north of Perth, on Friday November 7, 2014.

Police went to the beach after reports of people fighting and found between 100 and 150 people at the scene.

As an officer tried to arrest one man for disorderly behaviour he was attacked by the crowd. When another officer tried to help he was punched to the head.

At that point a community bus drove onto the grassed area and the officers escaped the crowd by getting onto the bus.

Two police vehicles were left on the grassed area, and the crowd then kicked and smashed the vehicles.  Windows and panels were damaged on both vehicles.

Police declared the scene as an out-of-control gathering and, while they tried to control the group, one officer was struck with a rock, and another assaulted.

Other officers arrived to assist, with a police vehicle driving onto the grassed area to assist the officers being assaulted.  At this time, it is believed that a woman was hit by the police vehicle.  Officers stopped to assist the woman.

Four officers were taken to Broome Regional Hospital for medical treatment.

The 20-year-old woman who is believed to have been struck by the police vehicle was conveyed to Broome Regional Hospital, with non life-threatening injuries.  She was flown to Perth by RFDS for specialist medical attention. 

A 26-year-old man of Looma was charged with criminal damage, asaulting a public officer and disorderly conduct and a 36-year-old Broome man has been charged with assaulting a public officer, escaping legal custody and criminal damage.

A 41-year-old Broome man was charged with drinking on a reserve and assaulting a public officer, and a 33-year-old Broome man has been charged with breaching bail, disorderly conduct and criminal damage.

A police officer's perspective on the incident

G'day !
Yesterday arvo just about to knock off work when all hell breaks out at Town Beach, Broome. Over 150 black fellas from Halls Creek, Balgo, Broome start bluing. They've been on the gas all day. They were loaded up with cartons of beer and JDs. First car goes in and the missiles get launched at them and the troopy is trashed. The troops beat a retreat under a barrage of rocks and cans. 2nd, third and 4th cars arrive and they too are smashed by the mob that stop fighting each other and turn on the boys and girls in blue. I go in with my team and we start tipping out grog and the mob comes at us.

Apparently it's our fault for turning up. In our misguided attempt to protect the innocent members of the community going about their lawful business, we have caused the mob to turn on us. We shut all the liquor outlets and the mob go wild again. After an hour and a half we restore order. We have 5 wrecked cars and four injured staff. One obese woman is run over by a police car after throwing herself at the vehicle. Fortunately she is not seriously injured.

Your tax payer funded dollars fuelled this disorder. Your tax payer dollars will pay for the repairs, the overtime, the medical bills and the clean up of the public park. Next week is royalty payment week. That means, they can afford to buy cartons of JD and JB and smoke kilos of gunja. That means we will be again back at Town Beach fighting them when things get out of control.

Yep, this is paradise.
A 12 year old has been ripping up and down the road on his brand new quad bike. As he flies past he gives us the bird. We won't chase because of the danger to everyone else. He comes past again, flips the bird and takes off. We know where he lives and arrive in time to catch him and his mate who is riding a small trail bike. We seize both bikes for 28 days and tell them they will be summonsed. He is full of foul language and threats to get us. Mum comes out and is screaming because she only bought the bike today for $2500.

Whilst we load the bikes onto a trailer, a local tax payer funded charity organisation turns up with heaps of food -tv dinners and deserts for all the people at the house. So, she can afford to buy the little shit a quad bike but can't afford to buy them food. Why would she bother - the tax payer is supplying her booze, rent, drugs and (free) mobile phone (yes, you can get a free Telstra mobile if you're the "victim" of domestic abuse).
When will any politician have the stones to stop this blatant waste and demand accountability from these people who are partying 24/7 on a tax payer funded junket for life. And, when they call me a white dog c-you-en-tee, that's not being racist.

And I'm supposed to treat them with respect when they get locked up. And the wet hasn't even started yet.
Welcome to the Kimberley.

Editor's note: And Pauline Hanson was vilified by the media and the Left/Green/progressives for daring to suggest that Aboriginals receive too much welfare.


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