Aboriginal hatred of white people
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Aboriginal hatred of white people

They do "welcome to country" ceremonies or dance for the Governor General. They preach for reconciliation or against cruelty. But to Jacinta Price they show complete savagery and misogyny  - threats, wishes for her death and rape fantasies so vile that I cannot repeat them. Why do some of these men still get government jobs? Here are some.

Aboriginal politician Jacinta Price wrote a piece for the Daily Telegraph defending Australia Day.

Bill Nicholson works for the Wurundjeri Tribe Land and Compensation Cultural Heritage Council and is hired by government departments and agencies to do welcome to country ceremonies. In response, he wrote this:

Given this violent rhetoric against a woman, will Victoria's Minister for Women, Natalie Hutchins, ensure that Nicholson is no longer used at any government-funded ceremony to promote "reconciliation"?

Ronaldo Guivarra works at the Mepoon Aboriginal Shire Council and for the Descendance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance Theatre supported by taxpayers and hired by government agencies and promoted by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. He has danced before the Governor General.

He wrote this about Price

He wrote this about Price:

Can Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop assure us that no taxpayers' money will go to promoting or funding "reconciliation" events that feature a dance group which employs such a hate-preacher?

Ashley Gosam is an actor who says he works for the Salon media site. This is what he wrote - and please excuse me for repeating the language, but you have to know how brave Jacinta Price is to keep going against the abuse she gets from the Left:

Everitt Tomlins works in Alice Springs, Price's home town:


There's this:

Then there is this creep, poet Dan Davis of Rockhampton:

The misogyny of these blaktivists is clear. The licence to hatred given by their cause is also clear.

I want to see if the women's movement and crusaders such as Clementine Ford will now speak up against this shocking abuse and intimidation as they'd do if the target was a woman of the Left.

Principle or side?

For everyone else, please appreciate Price's courage. She is now running for Parliament, and I urge you to give her your support.


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