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We have witnessed a dangerous trend in Western nations, including Australia, in recent years - a form of censorship and thought control by bullying, name calling and character assassination from groups bent on infiltrating our society with dangerous agendas. 

For the first time in our recent history, Australians have to be fearful of what they say, of what they write, and of what they think. They have to be afraid of using the wrong word, a word denounced as offensive or insensitive, or racist, or sexist, or homophobic. 

An ideological alliance of left-wing journalists, academics, judges and politicians who see themselves as a cultural and intellectual elite, have, without consultation with ordinary Australians, decided on certain social policies relating to multiculturalism, aboriginal affairs and immigration. They will allow no informed debate on these policies. They have created terms such as racist, sexist and homophobe to intimidate and to stifle dissent to their radical views.

Anybody raising the issues is howled down, called a "racist" and savagely vilified. Certain topics, such as Aboriginal crime rates and Asian and Muslim immigration levels have become "no-go" areas for many journalists. 

The elites defend their politically correct agenda with the fervour of religious fanatics. They are the very essence of bigots, (an epithet they love to bestow on dissenters).

The spiritual home of these zealots is the ABC and Fairfax Media.

The elites have overseen the introduction of various racial vilification laws, laws that strike at the heart of freedom of expression.

The laws have been backed up by federal and state human rights commissions. The federal government alone, has seven human rights commissioners, each supported by a taxpayer-funded bureaucracy, snooping into all aspects of society. Even making a remark that offends one of the specially-protected minorities can cause the offender to be dragged before the courts, as journalist Andrew Bolt found out.

This extreme intolerance of other viewpoints reached its zenith with the emergence of Pauline Hanson. She dared to open debate on Aboriginal welfare and Asian immigration. As a result Australians witnessed very disturbing scenes of One Nation public meetings disrupted, and innocent people assaulted, by screaming mobs of thuggish hooligans whipped into a frenzy by sustained media attacks. This was very un-Australian. It was blatant abuse of power by certain mainstream media. 

People are afraid to speak out with opinions that don't accord with the conventional wisdom created by the elites. The agenda is set without debate.

The setting of informed agendas and the capacity to enter into debate are signs of a healthy society. It is not good for a society when people feel intimidated about what they can say.

Far from creating the socialist utopia dreamed about the left-wing groups and elites, their actions are tearing at the fabric of society. Three examples:

  • Aboriginal society is being destroyed the poison of welfare dependency, government paternalism and special treatment by the elites. Aboriginal children living  in homes crowded with drunks, criminals and drug dealers are being forced to roam the streets at all hours of the night to escape the chaos at home. Authorities, alarmed at the danger faced by these children, will not remove them for fear of being called racist.

  • The increasing number of Muslims migrating to Australia pose threats both from home-grown  terrorism and the infiltration of Sharia law into Australian society.

  • Australia’s immigration policies are allowing far too many damaged people from war-torn countries such as Sudan and Somalia to enter Australia. Because of their background, many of them have no concept of living in a civilised and lawful society.  The quickly learn to play the system by collecting the dole, while having no intention of getting a job and taking part in Australian society, but rather forming gangs that steal, bash,  rape and terrorise our citizens.

This site will give voice to the frustrations of a large number of mainstream Australians who are sick of media bias, bullying and hype. We will publish material relating to the journalists' "no-go" areas.

The site and its author are totally independent. We are not controlled or influenced by any outside parties. We have no alliances with any political party. We are not controlled or influenced by the politically correct orthodoxy of Australian journalists.